Six for Sunday: Yellow books (that are still on my TBR)


Another Sunday, and another fun prompt from the Sunday Queen, Steph of A Little But A Lot fame. In classic Charlotte style, I have decided to make an already tricky prompt even trickier by only choosing books from Mount Ted my TBR.

1. The Day I Was Erased by Lisa Thompson. I am sure if I don’t read this soon Steph is going to divorce me as a friend.

2. The Yellow Room Tby Jess vallance. I picked this up during YALC 2018 when Cora recommended it to me. It has been a whole year and a whole other YALC and I still haven’t read it. 

3. Troublemakers by Catherine Barter. I had no idea I even had this book until I went through my TBR looking for yellow books, and now I really want to read it because it sounds amazing.

4. The Truth About Alice by Jennifer Mattieu. This is another that I’ve been meaning to read forever, which sounds great and my version has a yellow cover!

5. Hole in the Middle by Kendra Fortmeyer. Another book I have no recollection of buying and now am regretting not reading this sooner.

6. The Lost and the Found by Cat Clarke. I have been on a Cat Clarke reading spree lately, and this is the last one I have to read. I love the cover on this one.

Have you read any of these? What yellow books do you have on your shelves?

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