Coffee and … A Happy August

It’s Wednesday. It’s nearly the end of the month. It must be time for coffee and a list of happy things. Join me?

coffee and...

The Coffee:

This week, I’m drinking another Steampunk coffee. It is the Pepe Mijahuanca, a microlot from Peru with tasting notes of vanilla, lime and jasmine, and it’s been helping me through some long work days and late nights of reading!

The Happy Things:

Sleep! Tea out with my boys. Series Crackdown readathon. NEWTs readathon. Adele picking me a brilliant TBR. Putting on my out of office for a week off work. Reading sprints with my faves. S’s excited face at getting to go to his first football match. Quiet reading time. BBQ. S enjoying his drum kit. Lovely flowers from friends. S is 8! Edinburgh Zoo. Seeing the panda. National Museum of Scotland. Cake. Wahaca with Sarah. Eating ice-cream in a thunderstorm. Waterstones trips. Walking up Arthur’s Seat on a sunny day. Coffee stop in North Berwick. My own bed! Getting the doggos back. Baking. Birthday BBQ for the boys with lovely friends. My boys. S showing us how to play his new guitar. Tea and cake with friends. Good books. Coffee. Fresh bedding. Indian takeaway. Sanctuary. Trip to North Berwick with Husband. York with my Toria. Betty’s tea room. Bonkers pubs. Fudge. Pet rocks. Finishing all my official NEWTs and starting on my extra reading. Having the best GP. My pals. Making nice lunches for myself. Marks and Spencer’s posh grapes. Great witchy books. Quiet days. Cuddles from my boy. Great day in Edinburgh with S. Seeing Sarah. Tacos. Wahaca. Katie and Kevin Tsang’s event. S’s adorable reaction to meeting his heroes. S’s Sam Wu costume. Quilliam Bros breakfast. Iced tea. Reading dates with Steph. Punky pins. Getting next year’s BuJo. BBQs. Catching up with friends I’ve not seen for ages. Starting to organise S’s playroom. Bank holidays with my boys.

What’s been making you happy this month?

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