Books with the Boy: Facing Your Fears with Katie and Kevin Tsang at the Edinburgh Book Festival


Hello everyone. Today I am going to be talking about going to Edinburgh to the book festival to see Katie and Kevin Tsang and baby Evie talking about the Sam Wu books on the 24th Sugust. I am a big fan of Sam Wu and I went dressed up as Sam Wu to the book talk.

Me and Mummy went on a long train journey from Newcastle to Edinburgh and I was so excited to be going to my first kids book event, not my first ever event, but the first one for kids and I was really happy that it was going to be all about Sam Wu which are my favourite books.

And when we got there mum had to get a charger for her phone because it was running out of charges from me doing all my videos on her Instagram, so we got that and waited next to Costa to meet Sarah and then we left the station and went straight to Wahacas for lunch. I had the build your own tacos and mummy and Sarah had multiple tacos and I played table football. And we went to the tents for the book festival and bought some books before the talk with Katie and Kevin.

The event was in the imagination lab, and  Katie and Kevin were talking about certain countries that they had been to together to visit and to get ideas of what things Sam Wu can be afraid of. There is going to be 6 Sam Wu books and the next one will be about zombies, which sounds really scary, but the one after that they can’t tell us about because it’s top secret. And they also did a reading from Sam Wu is Not Afraid of the Dark and another one later from Sam Wu is Not Afraid of Spiders. Kevin asked what would we do if the teacher put a spider on our desk and I put up my hand and said I would totally freak out and fall off my chair.

Then they did making up a story with the children in the audience and they asked for ideas of things to be afraid of. I chose cyclopses and man eating pigeons. and we decided that they were going to go into an interdimensional portal and I thought some magic glasses would help. There were going to be some aliens and they had to try to escape and get back to earth. It makes them have superpowers and would make the space blasters become real. I liked this story and I am going to write my own version into a comic book at home.

There was a question and answer bit and some people used the microphone or just shouted them really loudly. I did two questions and one was with the microphone and one was not. I asked which was their favourite bit of Sam Wu to write about but I can’t really remember what the answers were. I think Katie said she liked to write all of it and Kevin liked writing about the dark and camping. And my second question was what is their favourite book to read. Kevin’s was Harry Potter and Katie liked Harry Potter too but Katie also said she has a favourite book called A Wrinkle in Time.

After the event we went to the signing and the publisher asked for your name so there was a label available to help Katie and Kevin to do the signing. And she thought that I said my name was Sam because I was dressed up like Sam Wu, so I had to tell her that my name is also Sam even when I am not dressing up. And when I got to the front of the queue, we gave Evie her present which was a strawberry teddy and she seemed to quite love it. Katie and Kevin thought my costume was awesome and we all had a photo together and they wrote nice things in my books.


After we went to Waterstones to the cafe and I got some Harry Potter Lego of the rise of Voldemort. Then I went to McDonalds for some tea and then we headed home on the train.

I had such a good time the event made me really happy and I was so happy right after because Katie and Kevin are my favourite authors and getting to meet them made me cry some happy tears. I would definitely love to go to one of their events again in the future.







4 thoughts on “Books with the Boy: Facing Your Fears with Katie and Kevin Tsang at the Edinburgh Book Festival

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  1. Great work, S! Your ideas about cyclopses and man-eating pigeons would make good inspiration for a story or a picture.
    This sounds like a fab day out. Lego, nachos and a very important book event. (Gold star to Charlotte for top parenting).


  2. I absolutely loved reading this, it sounds like an amazing day and your costume is fantastic!
    I especially chuckled at the bit about you being Sam even ehrn you’re not dressed up!


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