Coffee and… 10 Reasons My Pal Steph is the Best

Not a usual topic for me to share on a Wednesday, but go with it, ok? Grab a coffee and join me, and I promise I’ll explain.

coffee and...

The Coffee:

Friends, this week has been a drama in the coffee world of Team Burns. The grinder broke (until husband came home from his trip away and smacked it into working again). Anyway, despite the drought, I have been drinking another Steampunk bean: the Ethiopian Uragua, with tasting notes of berries and floral notes.

Reasons why Steph is the Best:

Okay, this started as a bit of a joke. I texted Steph saying I had no topic for this week’s Coffee and… post and she suggested that I write about why she is great. Obviously, this was a joke: she’s not *that* big headed. but the more I thought about it, the more I thought why not?


Steph is one of my best friends, not just in the book blogging community, but also in real life and the whole world, and she deserves some appreciation. Also, I mention her A Lot on here, so I thought it would be nice for you to know some more things about her. So, Steph YA… light of my life… joy of my existence… this one is for you.


1. There are not many people who will respond positively to you picking them out of the internet and saying “that one is going to be my friend” , but Steph did. Literally. I came across her on Twitter at random, I met her at an event and she’s not been able to get rid of me since.


2. Steph introduced me to book blogging, to Sunday YA, to Cora and Kelly, to the lovelies at my local Waterstones, to bookish events, to Mel, to Sara and my whole best bookish life. I am so grateful for this.


3. She is always up for a reading date. She introduced me to the concept of the reading date; enjoying breakfast at Quilliams, and reading with beverages and snacks all day long in the company of someone else who loves reading.


4. She helps to fill my bookshelves with books I might never have picked up if she hadn’t shoved them in my face and told me to read them. She also does the best dramatic readings of picture books and book blurbs whilst convincing me to buy things.


5. Steph is absolute life inspiration. She’s an amazing teacher, she’s worked so hard to get to where she is in teaching and she somehow manages to balance this with being an awesome blogger, chairing bookish events, and always being there for fun times and support. She must be working some kind of witchcraft.


6. She’s always up for Fajitos or Wagas, and knows my orders well enough to use them in an alibi should the need arise (although she is also the least likely person to ever break a rule and thus entirely useless in any alibi-requiring situation). She also laughs every time I stick my chopsticks in my face and pretend to be a walrus, even though it isn’t funny.


7. There is no-one in the world I love to bitch with as much as I do Steph. Every snarky comment that enters my head, I can send to her and know that she will return the favour. If our WhatsApp chats ever became public we would have to fake our own deaths and leave the country.


8. She makes me cackle on a daily basis. We have the best in-jokes. In all the time we have been friends who message each other, not one single day has passed where she hasn’t made me laugh out loud.


9. She has the best laugh in the world. Fact. I could identify her in a crowded room wearing a blindfold purely by that laugh. It is so infectious. I love it.


10. She has the biggest, kindest and most generous heart of all the humans. But don’t tell her I said that.


S also wanted to get in on the love for his favourite book blogger, Steph-O and said: “She is awesome because she reads a lot, and has the best books, and knows the best places to go out for tea, and she helps other people to read and love books and she is the best.

I hope you enjoyed this random tangent of a post, and I promise that normal service will be resumed soon. If you’ve any ideas for things I can write about in my regular Wednesday posts, then do let me know!Bear in mind though that I may write about them, even if you’re joking!


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