Six for Sunday: Schools You’d Want To Go To


This week’s Six for Sunday is continuing the school theme, and Steph is inviting us to share six schools we’d like to attend. This prompt is what my A level history teacher would have called a “thank you god question”. I’m not saying Steph is god, but I loved this prompt.

1. Hogwarts. I feel like for anyone who read Harry Potter during their formative years, this is the obvious choice of school to go to. I would love to study all things magical in the grounds of Hogwarts.

2. Lyra’s Jordan College. I just love Lyra’s world, okay? Also, I’d really like to get on with meeting my polar bear / wolf demon and showing all those male scholars that the women can be just as book-smart, if not more so.

3. St Aidan the Great Boarding School (from S.T.A.G.S). I would not want to be one of the Medivals, nor would I want to be one of the “new money” students they look down on, but I would love to be a background character at this school. The concept of it fascinates me, and there’s always some drama going down.

4. The Red Church (aka Mia Corvere’s assassin school). I am ready to begin my assasin apprenticeship now. Thank you for your consideration.

5. The Watcher’s Academy (from Slayer). I would never make it as a Slayer. I am not brave or athletic enough for that. I always loved the idea of being a Watcher though, so I would love to go to this school and learn how they make Giles’.

6. Tagis Praff School for the Magically Inclined (from The Paper Magician). I loved the paper magic in this book. I’d adore being able to make my own paper pupper, but I’d also be interested to see what other magics I could pick up at this school.

If you could attend any fictional school, which would it be and why? 



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