Coffee and… A Happy September

It’s almost the end of September, and I’m feeling a bit brighter after a week or being poorly, so its a good time to sit down with a coffee and look at what little things have been making September a happy month.

coffee and...

The Coffee:

This week I’ve been drinking a coffee from Origin roasters. The Hartmann from Panama has tasting notes of green apple, plum and sugar cane and makes a lovely brew.

The Happy Things:

happy things

Weekend with my niece and nephew. Breakfast at Daisy Clough. Good visit to Nana. Wallings ice cream. Home! Fresh bedding. Day off with my boy. Wagamama. Elmer hunting. Good sleep (this is a rare thing in my life). S’s first day in year 4. First day of school photos. Coffee. Tacos. Interesting new work projects. McFlurry. Quiet evenings at home. Art. Cosying up in a duvet with the windows open and a cool breeze. Husband home from a weekend away. Friendsical (the Friends Musical). Beach walk. Husband starting his new job. Re-watching One Tree Hill. Good days at the office. Cool nights. Autumn is coming. Crunchy leaves. Organising the playroom. Doggos. S going to cubs. Having weekend plans. Cute berries / flowers for the house. S winning a Scouting award. Afternoon with friends. The Stack for tea. Evening at a Serial Killer lecture. Lunch out. Naps. Sam Wu books. Tea out with my fave. Pizza! Cocktails. Brilliant friends. A Darkdawn pin. Indian Takeaway. Good books. Sleeping in. Paddling in the sea. Collecting rocks at the beach. Lunch date with Husband. Finding a zero waste shop. Chocolate shop! Family movie. Early nights. Sinus pain leaving my face. Sunflowers. Reading with S. My coven. Great British Bake Off. The Autumn equinox. I love this time of year so much. 

And that’s me done for another month. What’s been making you happy in September?



2 thoughts on “Coffee and… A Happy September

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  1. I always love reading these! My biggest happy thing in September has been enjoying the start of uni and certain support things falling into place finally, but I’ve also lived the return of Strictly, reading some excellent books and watching some really brilliant TV (Private Practice season 5 and Suits season 9!)
    Amy x


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