Coffee and… A Happy October

It’s not quite the end of the month, but it is time to reflect on the happy things from October so far with a coffee. Join me?

coffee and...

The Coffee:

This week I’m drinking the Rwenzori from Uganda, roasted by the lovelies at Steampunk. It has tasting notes of strawberry and creamy milk chocolate, which is perfect for this time of year.

The Happy Things:

Getting my asthma diagnosed and being able to breathe like a human (ish). S recovering from his illness. The person I’ve been mentoring getting the job! One Tree Hill re-watch. Snuggling under blankets on cold mornings / evenings. S going back to school. Reading on the school run. My Waterstones. Picking up pre-orders. Tea with the boys. Doggo cuddles. The Secret Commonwealth. Reading sprints. Blankets. Breakfast with my pal. New pin badge. Friends who will deal with my TSC meltdowns. Roast dinner. Baking. Salted caramel galaxy McFlurry. New boots. My Iron and Velvet cleaning sprays that smell like cake. Pie. York. Betty’s for lunch. Fudge. Walking in the park on a sunny autumn day. Autumn jumpers! Sleep. Good crack in the office. Stargazy jewels. Starting a new book with S (The Day I Was Erased). Quiet evening in. Mini yoga session. White hot chocolate. Practical Magic film. Productive days. Night-time Elmer hunting. Pupper cuddles. Hotel Chocolate hot chocolates. Harry Potter audiobook. Shagged Married Annoyed podcast. Freshly baked scones. Unexpected plans to see Mel. Coffee. Soup. Fresh bedding. Meeting Garth Nix. Taking myself for dinner. S getting a good parents evening report. Full body hot water bottle. Milkybar buttons. Playing with autumn leaves and taking photos. New earring for my cartilage piercing. Jana Kramer’s music. Train trip with Steph. Train picnics. Seeing Sarah. Seeing our Queen Mel! Drinks in Edinburgh with my faves. Watching Steph’s face as she finished The Toll on the train home. Excited doggos when I came home. My bed! Studio 28 Patisserie for a hot chocolate after my flu jab. New zines from Sarah Maria Griffin. Afternoon naps. Steph coming for lunch. Roast dinners. Apple crumble. Half term plans with my coven and my boys. Books. 

August has been a great month so far, and there’s still plenty to come! What’s been making you happy this month? 


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