Coffee and… My November Bullet Journal

It’s time to share my November bullet journal spreads. Join me in a coffee?

coffee and...

The Coffee:

This week I’m drinking a Steampunk coffee I’ve already featured recently, but which we ordered again because it tastes soooo good. It is the Rwenzori from Uganda with tasting notes of strawberry and creamy milk chocolate, and it is a yummy as it sounds.

The BuJo:

This month I’ve gone for a dramatically different theme with a dark forest with fire poking through the trees. Because it involved so much fineliner work, this month’s journal took me longer to set up than any other month! The fire hasn’t turned out quite the way I wanted it to, but I’m really happy with the forest effect, especially on the Title Page.

First in the spreads is my trusty Calendar, the theme is the same, and I’ve added splashes of the blue and orange from the fire to the dates and dates of the month to add a bit of brightness to an otherwise dark page.

My To do List and Books Added page are really simple this month, with just a border of the trees and dark forest. These are pages I really want to play with more in next year’s journal, but they’re definitely doing the job for now.

Next are my Housework and Habit Trackers. I’ve kept the new housework arrangement from last month as it worked really well. This time I have vertical trackers which I intended to look like trees, although I’m not sure how well that comes across! Again, there’s a splash of colour in the fire in the middle of the pages and the headers.

Finally comes the Happy Things List and this is also just a simple forest-effect border in black and white. I may add some colour to this as the month progresses by using coloured pens to fill it in.

And that’s me done for another month! What do you think of this month’s theme? Have you nay suggestions for my final theme of 2019?

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