Books with the Boy: Top 5 Authors I Want To Meet


Hi Everybody, I am back today with a post about my top authors that I would like to meet. I really enjoyed meeting Katie and Kevin Tsang in Edinburgh (you can see my post I wrote here) and I am really hoping to go to some more events and to meet some more authors.

Lisa Thompson


I would like to meet Lisa in real life because she has written some great books. I loved Owen and the Soldier and me and mummy have enjoyed The Day I Was Erased a lot. And Lisa sent me some lovely treats in the post so I would like to see her and say thank you.

Jeremy Strong

I picked to add Jeremy Strong to this list because he wrote a great reading book that was a bit about science and the environment, and it was filled with animals and Nellie Choc-Ice who is my best kind of penguin. I would like to talk to him about saving the world.

J. K. Rowling


I would be very excited if I could meet J. K. Rowling because she wrote really mind catching books and I really enjoy the Harry Potter ones that I have read so far (I am a bit of the way through Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince). And I would like to know if she went to Hogwarts.

Nadiya Hussain


I put Nadiya Hussain on my list because her book My Monster and Me was very good and made me think about talking about my worries which is very important to do. And she won the GBBO so I think she would make some brilliant cakes for us to eat if I met her in real life.

Katie and Kevin Tsang again


I am putting Katie and Kevin on my list even though I have already seen them once in Edinburgh but I want to see them again because they were so lovely to me when I saw them at the book festival and they write really good and exciting books and their event was brilliant.

I hope you have enjoyed reading my post and that you will tell me which authors you would most like to meet. I will be back soon with another post.

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