Coffee and… A Happy November

Today I’m reflecting on some happy things from this month. Join me?

coffee and...

The Coffee:

Another week, another Steampunk fave. This week I am drinking the Guatemalan San Antonio de Esquipulas with Christmassy tasting notes of dark chocolate and orange.

The Happy Things:

Sleeping all of the sleep. Lunch out with husband. Seeing family. Having a great visit with Nana. Atkinson’s coffee. New books. Wallings ice-cream. My own bed! Neville’s first birthday. His Dark Materials on the TV. Snoozy puppy cuddles. Long hot water bottle. My boys. Soup. Hot Vimto. Blankets. Paracetamol. Grey’s Anatomy re-watch. My pals. My doggos. Hot chocolate. Baking bread with the boy. Reading with S.  Fresh flowers. Candles. My pal Steph. Tsam’s jokes. Winning the parent prize for extreme reading. Reading on the train. Getting home after a LONG day. S and I spending our voucher on books to read together. Friend’s gorgeous wedding. Getting glammed up. Dancing. Drinking gins. North Berwick. Visiting Steampunk. Audiobooks in the car. The sea. Sarah Maria Griffin zines arriving in the post. Running club with S. New scarf. Glove mittens! Pizza with Steph. Productive work days. Finding perfect Christmas gifts for people. New paint for the living room. Clementine juice. Yoga. Christmassy scented candles.

What’s been making you smile this November? 

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