Six for Sunday: Books to give as gifts


This week Steph is prompting us to share books that we think would make the perfect Christmas gifts. I love choosing books to gift to other people, so today I’m choosing six books I’m hoping Santa brings S this year:

1. The Crayons Christmas by Drew Daywalt, illustrated by Oliver Jeffers. S and I absoluely adored the first two crayons books. They are brilliant and hilarious, and I am excited for Santa to bring this one.

2. The illustrated Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire by J.K. Rowling, illustrated by Jim Kay. These books are beautiful and S has been collecting them. This one has made it to S’s official list for Santa, so fingers crossed he’s bringing it.

3. Oi Puppies by Kes Grey and Jim Field. Every new Oi book is a cause for joy. We love these books over at Burns HQ so we’re really looking forward to getting our hands on this one.

4. Fetch 22 by Dav Pilkey. This would not be my first choice (or any of my top six to be completely honest), but S adores this series and they bring him so much enjoyment that I couldn’t not put it on a list of books for him this Christmas.

5. The Snow Dragon by Abi Elphinstone and Fiona Woodcock. S is still just about interested in picture books, and this one looks absolutely stunning, but I’ll be honest, this is probably more for me than it is S.

6. Oh, Christmas Tree by Sue Hendra and Paul Linnet. S loves the Supertato books by these authors, and this is the perfect book to add to our little collection of Christmas picture books that I hope we’ll continue to get many years of joy from reading.

What books would make your gift list?

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