Books with the Boy: What I’m Looking Forward to this Christmas


Hello Everybody. Today I am doing a post about all the things that I am looking forward to about this Christmas.

1. Reading Christmas stories. I like to do reading and I am excited to get out some of my favourite Christmas books like Father Christmas Needs A Wee to read, especially because my daddy does not enjoy reading that one to me.

2. Having Christmas dinner . I like to have a big Christmas dinner with mum and dad. I like having turkey and Yorkshire pudding and vegetables and having Christmas crackers. Mum always makes the things I like for Christmas dinner like one year when she made me garlic bread.

3. Playing games together. I like playing games with my family after Christmas dinner like racing our Christmas cracker characters and playing the elf hat game and the Christmas jumper game because they are very funny and I like it best when I win.

4. Christmas movies. I like it when the Christmas movies are coming out like Elf and The Grinch because I know then that it is nearly time for Christmas. And these movies are very funny especially Elf makes me laugh a lot.

5. Being on holiday. I like having some time off school to do fun things that I enjoy like playing with my toys and relaxing on the sofa, but I do miss getting to do my favourite subject which is English.

6. Choosing and decorating the Christmas tree. I like picking up the Christmas tree because dad always wants a small one and me and mum want a big one and we win. And this time we need to definitely lock the dogs out when we try to put the tree up so they don’t get in the way and break the decorations.

7. Seeing the decorations everywhere. I like to see all the places with decorations out for Christmas like trees and Christmas lights which are nice to look at.

8. Father Christmas bringing me presents. I am excited to see if Father Christmas brings me some nice presents this year because I think I have been mostly a good boy.

I hope you liked to read my post and I hope that you will tell me what things you are looking forward to about Christmas.

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10 thoughts on “Books with the Boy: What I’m Looking Forward to this Christmas

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  1. Your Christmasses sound wonderful! I’m intrigued though – what are the elf/Christmas jumper games? Love that your mum made you garlic bread for Christmas Dinner!
    Have a lovely Christmas this year!

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    1. The elf game is two elf hats with little balls in the ends and you have to use them to knock over presents to score points. The jumper game is a card game where you roll two dice and have to find a jumper that matches the colour and pattern combination shown on the dice. They were from Primark last year and S absolutely love them

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