Six for Sunday: All I Want For Christmas Is


So, I don’t know if our hostess Steph (from A Little But A Lot) intended this to be a gift list, a book list or just a list. I thought about listing six books I’d love for Christmas, but I decided on a list of six alternative things I’d really like this year.

1. No-one to be ill. Last year my niece gave me a bug, which I got rid of on Christmas Eve and husband started with on Christmas Day. The only saving grace was that S didn’t catch it. This year I would enjoy no illing, thank you very much.

2. A happy little S. He is 8 now. We are not going to get many more Christmases where he believes in Santa and the magic of Christmas, so I really want him to have a magical, happy time and enjoy himself.

3. A great lunch with my lovely little family. I love Christmas dinner. It’s my favourite meal of the year, and I enjoy sitting down to it with my little family. I also enjoy tucking into the leftovers all afternoon.

4. Time to curl up with a good book. It wouldn’t be a very Charlotte list if books didn’t feature somewhere. I love snuggling up under a blanket and finding some peaceful reading time over the holidays.

5. Some snowy, winter walks / sledging / snowballs. I love winter. I especially love a proper winter where it’s cold enough for big jackets, scarves, hats and gloves and hot chocolates to warm up when you get home. I love walking on the grass when it’s crispy with frost, and in the snow when it’s falling lightly on your face. And I love sledging and snowball fights. I want some frost and some snow this year.

6. The dogs not to pee on the Christmas tree or eat the presents. This is pretty self explanatory right?

What do you want this Christmas? 

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  1. I love curling up with a book at some point too! Last year I was reading the Year After You, which became one of my favourites of the whole year, so this year’s Christmas read has big shoes to fill. This is such a lovely list, hope you all have the best day 💜

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