Coffee and… My January Bullet Journal

This week I am sitting down with a coffee to share my January bullet journal. Join me?

coffee and...

The Coffee:

This week I’m drinking a coffee from Clifton coffee roasters. The Kagumoini AA is a Kenyan coffee with tasting notes of blackcurrant, rhubarb and gooseberry. The Kenyans are always my favourite coffees, so this is a great way to kick off a new year.

The Journal:

This month, my journal theme is based on the film Abominable, which I went to see with the small human a while ago, and loved. I started with the image of lights and purple flowers from one of the scenes, but soon realised that it would be a very boring BuJo month if I only used that to decorate the pages and it evolved from there.


I’ve started with a simple quote page and a very purple title page to kick off this month’s spreads and I’m happy with how both of these turned out.


Next is my Month at a Glance spread, and I love the colours of this one. I’m quite pleased with how my yeti turned out too. I’ve trialled a different layout to what I have used in the past here and I really like the way it works so far.


Following that is my To Do List, and a Brain Dump page. I’ve never used a Brain Dump before but I think this could be really useful for a lot of things I’ve previously been scribbling on my To Do pages which aren’t tasks. This page worked out well in terms of colours and the silhouette of the city, but I didn’t like how the yeti came out. I am determined to let go of being a suffocating perfectionist with my BuJo this year though, so he’s staying put.


My Habit Tracker is next. This is another page that didn’t work out as I wanted it to artwork-wise. I do love this style of habit tracker though. I’m testing out some different styles of tracker to see what works well, and so far this is a promising start.


After that is another new double page spread. This is my Reading page, including my official TBR, a shelf to add additional books I read, space for books I add to my TBR this month, a reading related quote and my Top Three Reads of the month. I am really pleased with how this turned out, I think it’s my favourite spread of this month and I’m really excited to see how it turns out at the end of January.


My Happy Things pages are next. I think the less said about the art here the better. This is not how I wanted this page to turn out, but it does the job and I am already filling it up with lots of lovely happy thoughts.


Another new spread for January is my One Line A Day, which is a place to record something about each day in a more traditional diary style. I’ve done this in the past with text boxes and found I didn’t fill them up so much, but one line each day seems more achievable.


My last page is an absolute wildcard and I’m not sure it will last to future months. I saw this spread idea when I fell down a BuJo wormhole on the internet and thought it would be interesting to try, so I’ll see how it goes.

Are you Bullet Journalling in 2020? What sort of things would you like to see in my future BuJo posts? Let me know!

12 thoughts on “Coffee and… My January Bullet Journal

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  1. Looks great. Love your reading page. I don’t bullet journal but I want to try and keep my scrapbook type journal up to date better this year. One line a day is a great idea, I might aim for that too.

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      1. Well you inspired me to get started on mine too! I’m going to aim for one line a day but still in a scrapbooky style book so some days I can add collage or doodle elements abd others just a quick note! Thanks for getting me going!

        Liked by 1 person

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