Coffee and… A Happy January

It’s time for my first post of happy things in 2020! Join me for a coffee?

coffee and...

The Coffee:

This week I’m back to drinking a fave from Steampunk coffee roasters, the Kenyan Gititu with tasting notes of peach, raspberry and vanilla. Kenyans are always my favourite coffees, and this one is delicious.

The Happy Things:

There’s still just over a week left in January, but it’s already been a great month for me. I am scheduling this post a few days before it goes live, and if all goes to plan (which it frequently doesn’t in our lives!) I still have some lovely things to look forward to, including a few days away in Edinburgh with Husband whilst S is on a residential school trip. Here’s what’s been making me happy so far this month:

Starting the new year with snuggles with my boy. Puppy cuddles! Starting a new BuJo. Watching The Rise of Skywalker at the Imax with my boys. Roast dinners. Dog walking at Herrington Park. Lunch at Penshaw Cafe. Warming curry on a cold night. Reading sprints with my faves. North Berwick. Being by the seaside. Coffee at Steampunk. Audiobooks in the car. Heated car seats on cold journeys. My weighted blanket; I love my weighted blanket with all that I am. Getting the house tidy after Christmas. Mario Kart races on the Switch. Tacos! Having my pal round for Sunday dinner before we all go back to work. Playing Throw Throw Burrito. Watching Harry Potter 2 with my boy. Sleeping in my own bed! Getting back to doing yoga. Good books. Early nights. Watching Grey’s Anatomy. S being so excited to get hold of the new Sam Wu book. Durham on a cold, sunny day. New books. Sleepy pupper cuddles. Reading with my boy. Sleeping in. Drinking coffee. Baking with S. Leisurely dog walks. Making plans for our week off. Being able to wake up on my own time and not set an alarm. Paracetamol to ease the sniffles. Chip shop chips. Fresh bedding. Productive work days. Trying new recipes. Getting to read the new Sam Wu when S finished. How desperate S was to share his new favourite book with me. Naps under my weighted blanket. Finding the perfect gnocchi recipe (thanks to Melinda Salisbury). A trip to Studio 28 Patisserie for coffee and cake. Getting Sam packed up for his residential trip. Breakfast with my favourite. Sending my first spiderette off to her new home. Having an expert find you lipsticks that don’t make you look like a painted pig. Pals who give you book vouchers for your birthday. Pals who help you spend said vouchers. Meeting doggos. Tea and chats. Chilled evening with my boys. Getting ready for our little adventures.

How’s your month been so far? What are your highlights? What little things have put a smile on your face?

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