#SixforSunday: Bookish Habits


It’s the last Sunday of January. I know everyone else thinks January has been 74 years long and depressing, but I’ve enjoyed mine. Anyway… the last of Steph’s #SixforSunday’s Getting to know you theme prompts is Bookish Habits. I had to think a long while about mine, but here are six:

1. Sitting down to read and then scrolling through Twitter. Or instagram. Or checking my email. Basically, sitting down with a book in my hand and suddenly getting the urge to check all the social medias. This is not a good habit to have.

2. Forgetting to formulate thoughts about books and write them down whilst I still remember the books. I’m trying hard with this one so far this year, because I imagine it would really help with the whole reviewing process.

3. Having too many books on the go at one time. I usually have only one physical book I’m reading at any one time, but at least one book on my kindle and an audiobook at the same time. It sometimes works okay for me, but can get confusing.

4. Reading past my bed time and then complaining that I am tired. I am a dreadful sleeper at the best of times, but staying up into the early hours to read does not help with this.

5. Reading on the school run. And on every commute, whilst standing in queues, whilst waiting for meetings to start… basically every possible moment that I can read. I carry a book with me everywhere for this purpose.

6. Reading with S. It is a true joy and a privilege to have a child who loves books and wants to read. But making time to read with my boy and encouraging him to share his thoughts about books is one of my better bookish habits.

What are your bookish habits? Do you share any of mine?

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  1. Oh January has gone on and on! I think several people in the office nearly cried on Friday when we realised there was a whole week still to go until payday! Not to say there haven’t been plenty of good things with musicals, lego and tacos! Perhaps if I hadn’t dropped £100 on a lego set I wouldn’t be feeling the pinch quite so much now oops…

    I’m so with you on number one! If a book has really gripped me I get properly stuck in but if I’m finding it a little meh I’m far too easily distracted by facebook or twitter or some game on my phone… I am trying to be much better at writing reviews pretty soon after I finish books this year, even if it’s just in the OneNote app on my phone/iPad and not straight as the final thing for the blog


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