Mini Reviews: Brilliant Sequels: Wundersmith, The Curses and The Nowhere Emporium,

Happy Monday! Today’s Mini Reviews features sequels to books I have read and loved. 

mini review

Wundersmith by Jessica Townsend

This is the brilliant sequel to Nevermoor, which was one of my favourite books of 2018. Wundersmith sees Morrigan Crow admitted to the Wundrous Society. She discovers that she is a Wundersmith: a rare talent and one that is subject to much prejudice and fear in this world because previous Wundermiths have done terrible things. The school imposes strict rules on her, and limit her learning to the terrible crimes of her predecessors. Her teachers don’t seem to like her, and neither do her classmates. It was hard to read Morrigan having such a difficult time after everything she’s already been through, but she shows us her determination and bravery to face everything that is thrown at her. There are two big mysteries at the heart of this story: Morrigan is being bribed by someone at school, members of the Wundrous Society are going missing. I loved seeing the two come gradually closer together. As with the first novel, Jupiter frustrated me. I wanted answers and he’s frustratingly good at holding his secrets close.  Wundersmith is a brilliant sequel and I’m really looking forward to seeing what Morrigan gets up to next. 

The Curses by Laure Eve

The Curses is the perfect follow up to The Graces. It is dark and witchy, filled with the power of nature and what happens when you mess with it. The Grace family are coming to terms with what happened with Wolf at the end of the first book. He’s alive again now, but something is not right. Meanwhile, Thalia is becoming increasingly interested in their family curse: that falling in love with a non-witch will end badly. Thalia and Marcus are separated at the start of this book, but they still clearly have feelings for each other. All the Graces are struggling with the absence of River from their group. Summer finds a secret tarot deck which seems very familiar to her, and someone has started using their clearing to grant wishes for money, and the wishes are going wrong. This book has everything I want from a witch book: mystery, secrets, magic, tarot and a hefty dose of dark family history. It’s perfect, and you should all read it. Immediately. 

The Elsewhere Emporium by Ross Mackenzie

I absolutely loved The Nowhere Emporium and was so excited to get around to reading this sequel. It did not disappoint. Like its predecessor, The Elsewhere Emporium moves back and forth in time between the present day and an older time in the Emporium’s history (this time 1967 and a mysterious man called Mr Ivy). Ellie and Daniel are adjusting to their new life in the emporium and the loss of Ellie’s dad. They choose to take the Emporium on a trip to the Lake District town of Keswick. This is an area I know well, and I loved the setting. When a girl called Edna visits and doesn’t leave at the end of the day, the Emporium is thrown into chaos, and then stolen. The pair have to seek advice from a witch on an island. Peg was an amazing character and I loved her. This sequel is dark and filled with mystery. There are some truly sad moments in this book which hurt my heard. The Elsewhere Emporium is a stunning follow up to The Nowhere Emporium. Read it. You won’t regret it. 

Have you read any brilliant sequels recently? 



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