Books with the Boy: Review of Sam Wu is NOT Afraid of Zombies by Katie and Kevin Tsang.

Hello everyone. Today my mummy and me are both doing a review of Katie and Kevin Tsang’s newest Sam Wu book.


It is called Sam Wu is NOT Afraid of Zombies. And I am going to do mine first because it is better than Mummy’s* so if you don’t read all the way to the end then at least you will have read the best one.

*Mum note / warning: S’s review is riddled with spoilers because he has no patience and assumes that everyone has read it already. Also, he can’t hold his own water, never mind an actual secret*


S’s Review

I made my mum buy the new book of Sam Wu as soon as Waterstones in Newcastle got it into their shop, but it was not even on the shelf yet because it was so new. This picture that mummy is going to add shows about how excited I was to get the new book and then I started it straight away at bedtime on that night. It was about zombies and I enjoyed it a lot. What was very funny was they thought there were zombies at the party so they set off the sprinklers to stop them but then it turned out to be fake. Sam Wu is obviously my favourite character because he is so cool even though he always gets things wrong. Like in Sam Wu is NOT Afraid of the Dark he thought there was a zombie werewolf when they were camping and there was not because it was actually Ranger Ben. And then in this new book, he thought there was a zombie werewolf in the basement at Ralph and Regina’s house, but it was actually off limits to go in the basement because they were hiding Ralph and Regina’s birthday presents in there. I did not think this book was any scary because I am just like Sam Wu and we are both not afraid of anything.  I have read Sam Wu is NOT Afraid of Ghosts, Sharks, the Dark, Spiders and now Zombies and Zombies is my favourite one of them all. I would give Sam Wu is NOT Afraid of Zombies 5362 stars out of 5 stars and I think that everyone should like to read it.

Mum’s Review

In case you couldn’t tell, S absolutely adores the Sam Wu books. This is the first book that he has really waited for and known when it was due to be released, and it was so cool seeing him so excited to get his hands on the new book. I wasn’t allowed to read it until S had finished reading it to his dad at bed time and then had to read it in one sitting to avoid spoilers.

Katie and Kevin have written another outstanding Sam Wu book. I was a child who was terrified of everything so I identify with Sam a lot and love seeing the things he is (definitely NOT) afraid of. This fifth book is different to the others in that the thing Sam is afraid of (a Zombie Werewolf) isn’t something he has ever encountered, but a product of his imagination. The way that Katie and Kevin keep the suspense about this, and have the children convinced it is real is really clever. It’s a brilliant story of children letting their imaginations run away from them… with disastrous consequences. I enjoyed seeing the friendships develop, and Ralph and Sam coming to almost like each other whilst working together to solve the zombie werewolf problem. I loved the setting inside Ralph and Regina’s bonkers and very fancy house, especially when they started dismantling the suit of armour to ready themselves to face whatever was hiding in the basement. The mum in me also enjoyed the fact that there were consequences for the children’s behaviour because it helps to show child readers that sometimes their actions have unintended consequences that they are responsible for. We absolutely loved this book in our house, a definite new favourite. 

Have you read the Sam Wu books? Which is your favourite so far?



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  1. Ah, it’s a lovely feeling to be so excited for a book and counting down for it then finally getting it! So glad it lived up to expectations and you both enjoyed it!


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