Book Review: The Quiet At the End of the World by Lauren James

"I think everyone is so eager to teach us about their passions because otherwise their hobbies will die with them. No one in the future will ever experience the joy of playing darts if they can't manage to get Shen and I interested now. Even if Jia finds a solution to fix the sterility, these... Continue Reading →

ThursTag : The A – Z Book Tag

It's Thursday, it's Tag day, and today I'm doing the massive A - Z Book Tag that I pinched from Steph's blog. A -Author you've read the most from. Apparently this is Alice Hoffman. I have read 21 of her books. I adore her writing and went through a phase of binge reading everything of her's... Continue Reading →

Coffee and… A Bookish February

How on earth are we here again? It's almost the end of the month! So, it's time to sit with a coffee and reflect on what I read in February. Join me? The Coffee: This week's coffee is another from Clifton. The Ethiopian Chire has tasting notes of peach yoghurt, jasmine and acacia honey, which is... Continue Reading →

Coffee and … A Happy February

It's time for another post reflecting on the happy things that have happened so far this month. Join me in a coffee whilst I do? The Coffee: This week's coffee is from Clifton Coffee roasters. The Ndaroini AA is a Kenyan coffee with tasting notes of damson plum, vine tomato and red grape. The Happy... Continue Reading →

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