Coffee and … My February Bullet Journal

Today I’m sharing my February Bullet Journal Set up. Join me in a coffee?

coffee and...

The Coffee:

This week I’m drinking another Steampunk coffee. The San Antonio de Esquipulas from Guatemala has tasting notes of dark chocolate and orange. And it tastes delightful.

The Journal:

Previous February Bullet Journals have been heart-filled affairs in honour of Valentine’s which I haven’t ever really celebrated beyond the occasional witty card. This year I went with another love of mine: coffee. It didn’t turn out quite as well as I had hoped, but it turns out, it’s hard to make brown smears look interesting!


My quote page this month reads “Coffee is a cup of Hope in a World of Mondays” which I stole from Pinterest, obviously. The lettering is supposed to be typewriter font, which went really well in some places and less well in others. This double spread also has a coffee cup, actual coffee stained pages, a “coffee” (aka coffee coloured lipstick) kiss, and mug stain. I enjoyed doing this. It’s not at all what I imagined in my head, but I do like it.


Next is my Month at a Glance page. This month I went for a bigger calendar as I have a lot of things to write in. I messed up the numbering (see if you can spot where!)I kept the rest of the page simple, brown highlights for the numbers and some coffee rings. I’ve also added a streak of coffee coloured watercolour down the page.


There’s some weird lighting in the corner of this page, possible the ghost of a tortured bullet journal, but this is one of my favourite spreads this month. My To Do page is loads of slightly different coloured coffee rings. And my Brain Dump page has a coffee ring and a coffee cup with latte art. I would never drink a latte (because I enjoy my coffee black, but I appreciate the artistry that goes into some of them.


Following that are my Trackers. I tried a different format this month. I don’t dislike it, but I don’t love my work on this page. I think the coffee splodges look strange and they’re not at all what I pictured.


This month’s Reading page is next, featuring my TBR chosen by S, and this month I’m using coffee beans to rate the official TBR books rather than stars. I’ve kept the format very similar to last month and added a reading quote. This says “the giddy feeling you get when it’s just you and your book alone in the house”, which is incredibly accurate for me. I really enjoyed filling this page in last month and I’m looking forward to filling in this month’s too.


Next is my Happy Things spread, which is very simple with a couple of coffee streaked edges and some coffee rings. I always love filling in these pages, and they do look so much better when they’re filled with writing.


Finally is my one line a day spread.  This page is coffee streaked also and I drew in some coffee beans to add something different. Again, this is a page that looks much better as it’s being filled in, but I loved doing this last month and I plan to keep this spread for the future.

And that’s me done for another month. I’ve already started on my March set up, and it’s going to be bookish themed relating to one of my favourites from last year. Do you BuJo? What did you have as your theme for February? Are there any particular themes you’d like to see me do?




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