#SixforSunday Reasons I Love Blogging


Today we are continuing Steph’s February theme of Share the Love with reasons we love blogging. I had to think hard to find six reasons and I was not expecting it to that tough. Here’s what I came up with:

1. It is a creative outlet to rave about all the books and bookish things that I love. It turns out that most people in real life want to have conversations that are not about books. I know. I was shocked too. Blogging gives me a space to talk about books as much as I like without anyone telling me to shut up.

2. The book blogging community. This can often be a baffling place for me, but I have made so many great real life friends through the blogging community, as well as countless internet friends who brighten up my life.

3. Bookish events. Maybe this is cheating a little because technically, events exist outside of blogging, but I would not have heard of half of them, or discovered the joy of YALC, if I were not a book blogger.

4. Finding new books. Through blogging I have discovered so many new authors and books that I might not otherwise have heard of, and that is a truly marvellous thing. Just think what my life would be if blogging hadn’t introduced me to Queen Mel.

5. It’s a (mostly) relaxing hobby. I have always loved to read and to think about what I read, and having a blog to do that on gives me a way of pursuing a hobby that is enjoyable and relaxing at the end of a stressful day.

6. It gives me something else to read : other people’s blogs. I love reading other blogs as much as I enjoy reading my own. They’re short enough to squeeze in a few in a break, and I get to hear what my faves thought of books!

What are the reasons you love blogging? 


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