Books with the Boy: World Book Day 2020


Today I am going to write a little bit about World Book Day which was on last Thursday. At school we got to dress up in our pyjamas so our theme was to come dressed for bed and bring a bedtime story. It could be any pyjamas you wanted to wear and didn’t have to be a book character and  we had to take our favourite book or books to read. I wore my Mario onesie and I took Sam Wu is NOT Afraid of the Dark and Star Wars Spark of the Resistance. And I chose these two because these are both my favourite books. I was going to take Sam Wu is NOT Afraid of Zombies which is my best Sam Wu book but I could not find it on the shelf before school so I took my second favourite Sam Wu. At school we did some book arts and crafts and we took our books out in the sunshine. Me and my best friend sat down on the pavement to read and he didn’t bring any book so I shared my books with him and he read Sam Wu and he liked it a lot.

Here is a picture of me before school with my onesie and my books.


I got some of the World Book Day books from Waterstones. I chose to get Alex Rider Undercover, Dogman and Supertato. I have read Dogman and Supertato already.

Supertato I read by myself and the veggies are reading and they defeat the evil pea with the power of books. I thought this one was a lot of fun and gets 7 stars.

Dogman is one of my favourites. It was quite funny and they had different stories which was very good and I would give it 10 stars.

School gave us a voucher too for £1 and I am going to take that to Waterstones later in the week and choose a book to buy with it.

Did you read any books or dress up for World Book Day?

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