#SixforSunday: Characters Who Would Fit Right Into My Family


Excuse me Steph, what the what now? This is probably the hardest #SixforSunday I’ve ever done. I don’t want extra members in my family thanks, there are enough living creatures in my house as it is. But if you insist… I’ve chosen one character that I think fits the personality of each of the current family members and one that I just like.

1. Casper Tock from Rumblestar by Anbi Elphinstone. He is very like me: allergic to unplanned adventures (but will tolerate them if he has to), doesn’t make friends easily and lives his life by a to-do list.

2. Sally Jones from The Murderer’s Ape by Jacob Wegelius. Okay, I’m not actually calling husband an ape (probably), but like Sally, he’s pretty quiet, works hard and will do anything for the people he cares about.

3. Sam Wu from the Sam Wu books by Katie and Kevin Tsang. S loves these books, and like Sam Wu he is absolutely not afraid of anything at all / is actually afraid of lots of things but also tries to be brave.

4. Effie from Vote for Effie by Laura Wood. I chose Effie as the most like Neville (the puppy) because they are both very intense, never stop talking and need constant attention or they will die.

5. Elle from Foul is Fair by Hannah Capin. Like Elle, Dexter dog seems pretty chill but is almost certainly a sociopath and would probably stab you if provoked.

6. Feo from The Wolf Wilder by Katharine Rundell. I love a wolf and I think Feo and her wolf pack would make a great addition to my little family.

Which characters would fit well in your family?





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