Coffee and … A Happy March

So, everything’s a bit shit right now but I’m sitting down with my coffee for another Happy post, reflecting on the things that have been making me happy recently, which has been a great way of balancing out all the bad news. Join me?

coffee and...

The Coffee:

This week’s coffee is the Kenyan Kagumoini AA from Clifton Coffee with fruity tasting notes of blackcurrant, rhubarb and gooseberry.

The Happy Things:

Breakfast out at Quilliams with my boys. Having a movie afternoon, watching Moana with S. Pupper cuddles. Quiet evenings. Making myself an Indian feast to eat whilst husband was away. Doing the morning school run with a new book. Finding new booktubers to follow. Iced tea (I have such an obsession with peach iced tea lately). Catching up on You Tube videos. Getting through an afternoon of Dr and dentists appointments relatively unscathed. Time to read. Having a day in the office with good crack. S being excited for books and World Book Day. Interesting work research. Joyous plans for the rest of the month. S being SO excited for his play date and having the best time. Sleep. My weighted blanket – I’ve been loving this so much recently. Headspace sleepcasts (my favourite is the train one). Breakfast with my favourite. Getting the new Cassie Clare book. Tea out with the boys. Journalling. Blogging. Moon school. Making plans for London trips. Making food plans (I love food). Work days that fly by. S making his first book pre-order. Marshmallows. Reading time on the train. Lush breakfast before work. An interesting training session. Visiting Seven Dials. Pottering in London. Dishoom. Home to clean bedding. Sleep! Productive days. Good coffee. Pupper cuddles. Cooking club with S. Quiet evenings at home. Getting the train to London with my pal Steph. Reading Destination Anywhere. Having a little train snooze. Great food. Lush company. The launch of our Queen, Melinda Salisbury. Wine! Date night with Steph. Reading in the hotel with mugs of wine. Dishoom breakfast bacon naan. Visiting the big Paperchase. Sitting outside with a coffee. Reading time! Home to my own bed. My boys! Refill stores like Nil Living. Being lucky enough to work for people actively encouraging me to stay home and be safe. 


What’s been making you smile recently?


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