Books with the Boy : Five Ways to Make a Friend by Gillian Cross

Today me and mum are going to be writing our reviews of Five Ways to Make a Friend by Gillian Cross. I read this one with my dad at bed time so mummy had to read it on her own.


About the Book

It’s Ella’s first day at her new school and she wants to find a friend. But it’s really hard. The girls aren’t interested in her and she doesn’t have the courage to just join in … When she finds a book about making friends Ella decides to try out the tips it recommends. With five excellent ideas up her sleeve, Ella will be friends with the girls in no time … Right?

Thanks to Barrington Stoke who sent us a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.


My Review:

This book called Five Ways To Make a Friend is really really good and you might want to read it if you’re moving to a new school which is the best time to read it. But it is still good if not, like I still enjoyed it but I am just going to the same school. We have a new girl in our school and I think she would find this book very good and helpful. It is about a girl named Ella, and every break time and lunch time she goes to the library and reads ab book about ways to make a friend and the ideas work on a boy named Josh who at the end becomes her friend. I liked all of the story. My favourite character was Ella and my best thing that happened was that she actually saved the other girl from when Josh’s brakes were broken. I would give this 156 stars out of 10.

Mum’s Review:

Five Ways To Make a Friend is a gorgeous little book for children about making friends. It would be great for anyone who has recently moved to a new school and is feeling anxious or worried about making friends. It gave S and I a good starting point to talk about what a good friend looks like, and the sorts of things you can do to befriend someone. There is also some low-level almost-bullying in the book, and this opened up another discussion for us. I adored Ella as a character and her development across the book from trying so hard to befriend people who are awful to her (the party scene broke my heart) to making a real friend and becoming much happier. Thanks to Barrington Stoke for sending us this little gem: we loved it.

Have you read this one? Can you recommend any good books for children about friendships?


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