Coffee and … Amy Chooses My April TBR

It’s another month, so it’s time to ask another friend to choose my TBR. Amy always takes a lot of pleasure in choosing a TBR for me, and has done this several times. Join me in a coffee whilst I look at her latest selection?

coffee and...

The Coffee:

This week’s coffee is another from Clifton. Jumarp is a Peruvian coffee with tasting notes of strawberry, pineapple and guava, which is exactly as marvellous as it sounds 

The Books:

As usual, Amy has given a little explanation of why she chose each book, so I’ll hand over to her for the rest of the post! 

1. 13 Treasures by Michelle Harrison – I know you enjoyed a Pinch of Magic, and I’m almost certain you’ll like Michelle’s debut. It’s dark and full of very sinister faeries and the plot is brilliant. I’ll be very surprised if you don’t love Red. And also Oberon because he’s the bestest boy

2. The Lost and the Found by Cat Clarke – barely a day has went by since I read this that I’ve not thought about that ending, it was so confusing yet chilling and I loved it SO much. It’s a brilliantly dark contemporary/thriller and I remember loving Faith so I’m hoping you will too!

3. Storm Witch by Ellen Renner – these books are EPIC and really need more readers, so I am taking this opportunity to get it at least one more. The world is incredible and so interesting, and I love all the politics (which get even more twisty in book two). Think Sorrow but MG.

4. The Last Spell Breather by Julie Pike – this was one of my fave fantasies last year. I adored Raine, the worldbuilding is excellent and really quite unique and Frank is just magnificent. He brought me so much joy, and I think you will love him also.

5. Explorers on Black Ice Bridge by Alex Bell – when I picked last March’s TBR for you I stupidly left off the new Explorers book, and I’m not making the same mistake this year because it’s SO GOOD and I hope you love it.

6. Tell Me How You Really Feel by Aminah Mae Safi – giving you a romance is always risky, but I feel like you’ll enjoy this one, not least because it’s based on Gilmore Girls Paris/Rory fanfic.

7. Jinxed by May McCulloch – this is so fun. It’s urban fantasy from the same author as the Potion Diaries, and I really liked it. The twist/cliffhanger at the end is AMAZING (and writing this is reminding me how much I need to get on with reading the sequel!)

8. A Sky Painted Gold by Laura Wood – given this is set in the 20s and we’re now in the new 20s, I thought it’d be a fun choice! I’m also just really interested to see what you think because I had no idea it was even on your TBR!

Thanks Ames for another brilliant looking list! Have you read any of the books on my list? 


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