Books with the Boy: A Magicat Interview with Jennifer Grey and Amanda Swift

Hello everyone. Mummy and me have not been doing so much blogging at the moment but we are doing an interview today with the people who wrote Magicat, Jennifer Grey and Amanda Swift. Mum said that you all like to know how many stars I give books so this one gets 10,250 out of 10 stars.


My Questions

1. If you could cast a spell what spell would you choose to cast?

Amanda: I would cast a spell to make everyone happy.

Jennifer: I would cast a spell to turn all the plastic in the ocean into plankton.

I would choose a spell to summon anything from a story into real life. 

2. Why did you choose a magic cat and did you think about having any other magic animals?

Amanda: Jennifer and I both have cats and we both wish they were magic and could talk to us, although we love them as they are, of course.  Jennifer thought of the title and the story came after that.  ‘Magic’ and ‘cat’ go together well.  ‘Magidog’ isn’t so good.  I guess we could have had ‘Magicrocodile’…

Jennifer: Cats and magic have gone together since ancient times plus Amanda and I both like to imagine our cats get up to all sorts of tricks when we’re not at home. (When they’re not snoozing on the sofa, that is.) As for other magic animals, how about a story set on a farm with ‘Magimoo’?

3. Which bit was your favourite to write?

Amanda: I liked writing the bit where the pancake-making goes wrong.

Jennifer: It’s hard to remember who wrote what but I like the bit when Magicat tries out a new spell on Eddie.

4. Are you going to write any more books about Magicat?

Amanda: We’d love to but no plans at the moment.

Jennifer: Agreed! It would be fun to write one about Jessie and Ali going on holiday to Magicland.

5. If you were Magicat what would you turn your bully into?

Amanda: I’d go with the pineapple idea…

Jennifer: I’d stick with a spider. As long as it lived in the garden.


Mum’s Questions:

1. Can you tell us about the process of writing a book together? What are the best and worst bits of co-authoring?

Amanda: The best bits are making each other laugh, bouncing ideas off each other and lunch.  The worst bit is getting back to work after lunch.

Jennifer: We start off by brainstorming some ideas about characters and plot, then one of us will write a rough outline, then we make a chapter plan and write a chapter each and finally get together and edit the book (over lunch!)

2. What do you enjoy most about writing for children?

Amanda: I love children’s honesty in response to the books and I love thinking about what will appeal to children.

Jennifer: I enjoy building a magical world where anything can happen.

3. If you could have one magical power, what would you choose?

Amanda: The power to heal.

Jennifer: The power to bring animals back from extinction. Although probably not dinosaurs – look what happened in Jurassic World!

4. What would you like young readers to take away from Magicat?

Amanda: That they have the power to stand up to bullies.

Jennifer: Agreed – with a little help from their friends, furry or otherwise.

5. Can you tell us anything about what you’re working on next?

Amanda: We’re working on a book about a dog with superpowers.

S is super excited for this next book!

Thanks Amanda and Jennifer for answering our questions. We hope that you enjoyed the answers as much as we did. What superpower would you choose?

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