Series Review: The Dreamsnatcher Trilogy by Abi Elphinstone

It’s been a while since I got my act together and posted on a Monday. Happy Monday! Today I’m sharing Mini Reviews of a trilogy I read last month: Abi Elphinstone’s Dreamsnatcher trilogy.

series review

The Dreamsnatcher

This book got off to a super creepy start with recurring nightmares of a dream snatcher and a terrifying character called Skull. It was much darker than I expected it to be (but that’s no bad thing). There is a very real sense of danger in this book, some genuinely worrying moments and a lot of dark magic. Moll is living with her guardians, Mooshie and Oak. I loved them. They’re so fiercely protective of Moll, as well as unintentionally hilarious. Moll is struggling a lot with what these dreams mean for her and what she has to do to defeat this evil in her world. She is also learning a lot about herself and her parents who died when she was younger, and that’s a lot for one small girl. Luckily she has a great friend (Siddy) and a not-quite-cat Gryff in her life who add a lot of fun and adventure. This first book was fast-paced with a lot going on and set things up nicely for the second in the trilogy.

The Shadow Keeper

Following the events of the first book, Moll and her family are living as outlaws by the sea, hiding from the Shadow Masks. I loved the change of scenery and the things Abi introduces here, like the sea spirits and the Kelpies. Moll is back with her friends and their friendships are stronger than ever. Alfie has now been added to Moll and Siddy’s little group and their friendship trio (“The Tribe”) is really central to the second book. I loved watching their friendship develop and grow. They are three very different people and their friendship is perhaps a little unlikely, but they are close and loyal, and they work really well together. This book was just as dark as the first book with a  lot going on. Moll is now hunting down the Shadow Masks in an attempt to rid their world of evil, and you can bet she gets into some scrapes in the process.

The Night Spinner

This final book was my favourite of the trilogy. Moll has to venture beyond the world she knows into the Northern Wilderness with Alfie and Siddy. I loved this change of setting, the magic and the world that lies to the North and how different it was to what had come before. Abi writes brilliantly detailed worlds and this was a particular favourite. In this book one of their tribe is lost along the way and Moll has to work hard to save them. The stakes are high and this adventure is her most dangerous yet. She also faces much of this more or less on her own, the people who are comforting to her cannot follow. She makes some new friends along the way and we get introduced to some brilliant new characters. I loved seeing Moll be brave and face these fears on her own. We see a totally different side to her character and there is a lot to love about that. This was a brilliant ending to the trilogy.

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