ThursTag: My Blog Name in Books

I might as well just start calling this Steph Day at this point. But here’s the My Blog Name in Books tag stolen from Steph, and I’m going to attempt to fill this out with books from my TBR.


CCan You See Me? by Libby Scott. I do not remember when I bought this, I think it was in a middle grade offer though and I’d heard good things. I should probably read it.

HHavenfall by Sara Holland. This is one of the newest additions to my TBR. I loved Sara’s other books and am excited to read this.

AAdaptation by Malinda Lo. This is one Martha recommended me during Pride a couple of years ago. I have not read it yet, but I have read and loved another of this author’s books, so maybe soon.

RRamona Blue by Julie Murphy. Pretty sure I bought this at the same times as Adaptation. Oops.

L – Little Liar by Julia Gray. I know this one has an orange cover and it sounded good. I haven’t read it. Why am I like this?

O – Once and Future by Amy Rose Capetta. I think Tsam made me get this one. It sounded excellent.

T – T is for Tree by Greg Fowler. I can picture this book cover. It’s really pretty. It’s been on my shelf a while.

T – Take Me Far Away by Kemdi Ik. I have no recollection of buying this book and I keep picking it up in shops thinking it sounds like something I want to read.

EEarthcry by R A Browell. I think one of the Northern Book Bloggers encouraged me to pick this up. It’s one of the oldest books on my TBR.


S – Seven Days of You by Cecelia Vinesse. This was sent to me by the lovely Amy and I really do need to read it because I loved Cecelia’s other book.

O – Outside by Sarah Ann Jukes. This is a cult book that both Steph and Kelly told me to read. If I don’t read it soon they may disown me.

MMargot and Me by Juno Dawson. Not only has this been on my TBR for ages, but also, it’s been chosen for my TBR at least twice by other people and I still haven’t got around to reading it.

E – Echo Boy Matt Haig. I picked this up at one of the first book events I went to. It sounds good and I like Matt’s books.

W – What Lexie Did by Emma Shevah. I think this is another Amy sent to me. It’s got a cracking cover.

HHannah Green and Her Unfeasibly Mundane Existence by Michael Marshall Smith. I went to school with someone called Hannah Green. I love the title of this, even if it is an adult book.

E – The Everlasting Rose by Dhonielle Clayton. I picked this up the moment it came out, intending to read it immediately. And yet, here we are.

R – Red Rising by Pierce Brown. I was recommended this by a lot of people. I’ve started it twice on my kindle app but I struggled to get into it. I will give it a proper go at some point.

E – Evernight by Ross Mackenzie. This is another recent addition to my shelf. I’d hoped to read it in time for an event with Ross in March, but that failed spectacularly.

Have you tried spelling our your blog name in books? It was harder than I thought it would be. Have you read any off this list that you think I should prioritise? 




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  1. I’d forgotten sending you Seven Days of You, but I really hope you enjoy it! And what Lexie Did as well! I really want to read Can You See Me?, and I can’t remember it very well now because I read it years ago but I remember LOVING Margot and Me!

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