Coffee and… A Happy April

Well, these monthly happy lists have gotten considerably harder to keep up with. Join me in a coffee and see what’s been making me smile during lockdown?

coffee and...

The Coffee:

This week’s coffee is from Clifton Roasters: the Ethiopian Chire has tasting notes of peach yoghurt, jasmine and acacia honey. We’ve had this coffee before and it’s one I very much enjoy. Our absolute fave roasters (Steampunk in North Berwick) are closed down currently, with the occasional “emergency roast” so expect to see me sharing some coffees from different places in the coming weeks!

The Happy Things:

Friends. I’m not going to lie to you, this has been harder and harder to keep up with now I am going nowhere and seeing no-one. I think it’s still important to reflect on the things that are good in the world, maybe even more than before, and sometimes those things are small and simple. Here goes.

Having a book nook to work in with S (it’s especially lovely in the afternoon when the sun is shining through the window). Coffee outside on the bench. Cooking. Reading. Working for the best people.  My pals. Big Hero 6. Disney Plus. Doing Joe Wicks. S talking to his faves. Animal Crossing. Steampunk sharing their baking recipes. Homemade cookies. Reading outside with S. Doing Quizney with the boys and getting a shout out. Playing in the garden. #Sixforsunday book chats. Exercise (OMG who even am I now?). Roast dinners. Cosy evenings. Having days off. Taking the dogs for a walk. My awesome kiddo. New books to read. Husband being horrified his cinnamon buns didn’t work after adding half a cup of salt. Easter Egg hunts. Fresh blueberry muffins. Facetime with my sister. Sarah Maria Griffin zines in the post. Sarah Maria Griffin and V.E.Schwab live Instagram chat. Venom by Bex Hogan arriving. S giving me a makeover. Puppy cuddles. Headspace sleep casts. Watching skincare videos and then ordering half of Lush. Catching up on new season Grey’s Anatomy. Zoom picnic with friends. Chocolate cornflake cakes. Peach squash. Days home safe with my boys.

What things have been making you smile during lockdown?

4 thoughts on “Coffee and… A Happy April

Add yours

  1. First – is Lush taking orders again?! Or was that earlier in the month *must immediately check and possibly bankrupt myself*
    Second, yes – I’d say finding the positives is even more important now! And you have done a sterling job!
    Hurrah to the exercise (I attempted my first run in a year the other day, I’m broken), Noooo to the salty buns! And extra ysys to chocolate cornflake cakes – we made them too!


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