Blog Tour: The Super Miraculous Journey of Freddie Yates

Today is my spot on the blog tour for the brilliant The Super Miraculous Journey of Freddie Yates by Jenny Pearson, and I have a great post to share with you all about great news stories, which is the perfect antidote to the current news. Enough from me; over to Jenny!



Read All About It!  with Jenny Pearso

In The Super Miraculous Journey of Freddie Yates, Freddie, Ben and Charlie, through their antics, manage to get the attention of not only local newspapers but also national coverage! This is all thanks to PC Mike, the policeman-journalist of the tiny Welsh village of Gileston. PC Mike tweets a story about three superheroes which has a very loose relationship with the truth and the boys hit the headlines.

At the moment, the news is dominated by Covid-19 articles and I wanted to share with you something different. And that is a news story that I won’t ever forget which was printed in my hometown paper the Salisbury Journal (which I love by the way). This news story is all about a wheelbarrow. A wheelbarrow with the name Ken painted on the side. A wheelbarrow with the name Ken painted on the side that was mysteriously dumped on a farm. I ask you now, have you ever heard of such a captivating mystery? To this day, I don’t if they ever got to the bottom of how the wheelbarrow ended up in River Bourne Community Farm. Or if the man in the photo ever stopped looking so perplexed. I don’t even know if anyone came forward with information to claim the £100 reward. But what I do know is that I LOVE that this made the newspaper! 

Now, I’m asking you to send in all your favourite news stories. I want to hear the bonkers ones, the surprising ones, the awe-inspiring ones, the heart-warming ones, stories about amazing animals or talented toddlers or punchy pensioners – any news story that will bring a little bit of joy. 

Tweet me a link to the story or send me a photo with a little description of what its about and why you love it @J_C_Pearson


This is such a brilliant new story! Thank you, Jenny for sharing that with us

About the Book


Facts are everything to eleven-year-old Freddie Yates: once you know a fact it’s yours to keep. After his grandmother dies and Freddie discovers his biological father might be alive and well in Wales, he decides to follow the facts. Together with his best friends Ben and Charlie, he sneaks off on the adventure of a lifetime (or at least, the summer holidays) to track down Freddie’s father.

Freddie doesn’t expect any miracles—they’re not real, after all. But when the three unwittingly set off a chain of inexplicable events via an onion-eating competition, a couple of superhero costumes, and some very angry antique thieves, Freddie discovers that some things can’t always be explained—and sometimes what you’re looking for has been with you the whole time.

Find out more, including brilliant resources for the book here.

About the Author

author photo

Jenny Pearson has been awarded with six mugs, one fridge magnet, one wall plaque and numerous cards for her role as ‘Best Teacher in the World’. When she is not busy being inspirational in the classroom, she would like nothing more than to relax with her two young boys, but she can’t as they view her as a human climbing frame. She has recently moved to the North East of England and while she has yet to meet Ant or Dec, she has learned how to use canny in a sentence. Which is dead canny, like.

I hope you all enjoyed Jenny’s post as much as I did. Do let us know about your favourite bonkers news articles! 

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