Coffee and… Bullet Journalling for May

This is meant to be my “here are my pretty May BuJo spreads” post, but I’ve not been feeling it lately, so instead it’s more “how I’m going to be bullet journalling in May when I can’t be bothered”. Join me in a coffee?

coffee and...

The Coffee:

This week’s coffee is the Kerinci: a Sumatran coffee roasted by Square Mile with tasting notes of pineapple, agave, and blueberry. It’s delicious.

The Bullet Journal:

I started 2020 with good intentions of keeping up a more artistic journal as a creative outlet. This last month has killed that vibe. I am tired, I am busy, and I have zero creativity. Also, I have Animal Crossing which I am finding way more relaxing than designing fancy BuJo spreads for this time of life where everything feels hectic but I’m going nowhere and doing nothing much outside of work and childcare.

So why bother with a BuJo in May at all? I want to keep it up in some form. It’s important to remember some things happening this month (mainly birthdays and anniversaries), I still need a To-Do List, I want to track my reading, I need to make sure I’m doing the things that keep me physically and mentally well, and I think it’s maybe more important at the moment to keep a list of “happy” things to remember that not everything is shit.

My journal design this month is pants. I wanted to do something themed around my wedding because May is our anniversary month and I though sage green, and white roses and chocolate hearts would be a great theme. It would also have required more than I had to give, but I stuck to the colour theme, there is a rose and there are hearts.

My Month at a Glance this month is only one page, and I have combined To Do and Brain Dump into one page. This is one of the things I love about a bullet journal – being able to adapt it to exactly what you need. I just don’t need double page spreads for these at the moment, because nothing much is happening.

Next are my Trackers. These are so important for keeping me doing the things that make me feel better, both physically and mentally. I have streamlined them this month to make them more focused on these things and less on chores and steps etc. I’ve condensed my Reading spread into one page too this month; both because there was no need to spread it out more and because I wanted it to be in keeping with the rest. Finally, is my very simple Happy Things page, which is less full than usual, but no less important.

And that’s it for another month. Are you still keeping up a BoJo and if so, are you doing anything differently at the moment?

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