Mini Reviews: Books I Thought I’d Already Reviewed

Happy Monday World. There are so many books I am yet to review and apparently a few I thought I’d reviewed but haven’t, so that’s the theme of this week’s Mini Reviews.

mini review

I am utterly convinced I have already reviewed these three books. I remember writing the reviews. Can I find them? No. So here we go again. If you’ve seen a review of any of these from me, please do let me know where they’re hiding.

Pages and Co 2: Tilly and the Lost Fairy Tales by Anna James.

This is the second of the Pages and Co series and I loved this one even more than the first. Tilly and her mum are adjusting to life together after the ending of the first book, and it is not always easy for them. Changes are afoot in the Underlibrary and the politics of this make for gripping reading. Tilly and Oskar find themselves on a trip to Paris, where they are supposed to be safe from the goings on at home, but of course this pair find a way back to book wandering. This introduces us to some brilliant new characters and some new ways of book wandering. This time, Tilly and Oskar wander into traditional fairy tales. I loved this. It’s much darker than the first book, and the book wandering has a real sense of danger about it. I love fairy tales though and this take on them was truly magical. I can’t wait to see where Anna takes this series next.

The Boy, the Mole, the Fox and the Horse by Charlie Mackesy

Steph told me I wanted to read this one, so I treated myself to it with my birthday money. I finally started reading it at the start of all this * gestures at the world *. It was exactly the book that I needed at this moment. It is a stunning book with beautiful illustrations and even more beautiful words. There isn’t much that I can say about this book in terms of a review, but know that whatever it is you need, you will find it in this book. It is wonderful and one that I will return to many times.

Language of Thorns by Leigh Bardugo

This book was another recommendation from Steph. Is anyone surprised? This is a brilliant book of dark fairytales from the Grishaverse. I loved it. I love a twisted fairy tale; many seemed to be familiar from our own traditional fairy tales but with stunning twists. I loved every story in this book, but my favourite was The Witch of Duva, which is a twisted take on the traditional Hansel and Gretel story which shook me to my core. If you like Leigh’s books and fairy tales with dark twists, then this is definitely the book for you.

Have you read any of these? 

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