Coffee and… A Happy May?

It is getting increasingly harder to keep up these lists with everything that’s going on, but here’s a few things that have been making me smile recently. Join me for a coffee?

coffee and...

The Coffee:

This week we are drinking a new coffee from Glen Lyon roasters. The Columbian El Ramnso Microlot, which has tasting notes of honeycomb, orange and apricot.

The Happy Things:

happy things

S delivering a little training session to my team at work and loving it. Work being awesome and supportive. Yoga. Cinnamon buns. Steampunk coffee sharing their recipes during lockdown. Naps. Great books. Frozen 2. Headspace sleepcasts. New Twilight book announcement. Catching up with Nana. Animal Crossing. Six for Sunday chats. Afternoon tea at home. Bank holidays. Playing new board games with the boys. Amy McDonald online concert. Cup o’ coffee face mask. Sunshine. Cooking new recipes. Walks with the boys. Snuggles with S. Fresh bedding. Good work days. Excellent coffee. S getting to talk to his pal. S planning a little fake wedding to celebrate our anniversary. Covering my grey hairs. Chocolate cake. Starting Couch to 5k and not hating it. Running with S. Chats with my favourite pal. Video messages from my pal. S’s little book club and great friends who take part. Zines. Post. Books I forgot that I’d pre-ordered arriving. Sweeties. Coffee. 

What little things have been keeping you happy? 

3 thoughts on “Coffee and… A Happy May?

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  1. So much to love here! Love that S has his own book club and the wedding he arranged for you sounds like the absolute sweetest thing (happy anniversary!) Well done on the running too!

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