ThursTag: The Not Good Enough Tag

I found this tag a while ago at Dream Land Book Blog and it looked fun. You have to write down 30 characters and draw out random pairs for each question. Then decide which character is the best for each scenario and, by default, which character is “not good enough” for that situation.

1. You have only one spot left on your spelling bee team – who do you pick?

Peyton from Destination Anywhere by Sarah Barnard or Shifa from Where the River Runs Gold by Sita Brahmachari.

I’d choose Peyton. She has had a more privileged upbringing than Shifa by going to school and travelling, so I think she would have a better chance of winning in a spelling bee.

2. Both characters want to kill you, which one would you kill first so you have a better chance of surviving?

Elle from Foul is Fair by Hannah Capin and Katharine from One Dark Crown by Kendare Blake.

Well, I suspect I’m dead either way. But, I would kill Katharine first. Elle is motivated by revenge, so she’s unlikely to want me dead; I’ll take my chances against her rather than the psychopathic Queen Katharine.

3. You’re on the bachelor / bachelorette and you’re down to these two characters, which one are you going to give your rose to?

Charlie from Heartstopper by Alice Oseman or Ro Snow from Paper Avalanche by Lisa Williamson.

Charlie gets my rose 100%. He’s just the most amazing. Plus Nellie. I’m assuming if he’s on the Bachelor that he’s not with Nick because if he was then I would not get in the middle of that.

4. You’ve been chosen for The Hunger Games, who would most likely volunteer in your place?

Luna from The Girl Who Drank the Moon by Kelly Barnhill or Laura from Beauty Sleep by Kathryn Evans.

I wouldn’t want wither of them to volunteer for me because they’ve been through more than enough already. But Luna is too young to be in the Reaping so it would have to be Laura.

5. You’re stranded on an island. Which character would you sacrifice to engage in cannibalism?

Fliss from Margot and Me by Juno Dawson or Emmett from The Binding by Bridget Collins.

Dear gods neither. Nothing could make me think about eating another human being. Is there no fruit or leaves or other animals on this island? No bugs or worms or fish or anything like that? Why am I eating the humans? No thanks. No.

6. You’re the next DC/ Marvel superhero (with your own TV show of course). Who is your sidekick?

Lucie Herondale from Chain of Gold by Cassandra Clare or Maren from The Mercies by Kiran Millwood Hargrave.

I’d take Lucie for my sidekick. I adore Maren, but Lucie is great with a weapon which I think would come in handy.

7. You’re the manager of an avocado admiring company. Who would you fire for lack of communication skills?

Molly Seabrook from Don’t Tell Him I’m a Mermaid by Laura Kirkpatrick or Alice from Wonderland by Juno Dawson.

What in the name of holy hell is an avocado admiring company?Both I think would be okay at communication, but Molly would be something of a liability turning into a mermaid near water and not being able to warn people. So I guess it has to be Molly.

8. You’ve just finished a book in which your favourite character dies, which character is most likely to comfort you?

Coriolanus Snow from A Ballad of Songbirds and Snakes by Suzanne Collins or Anna from The Yellow Room by Jess Vallance.

Well, it’s not going to be Snow is it? So Anna.

9. Ugh, it’s high school. Who would most likely be part of the popular clique?

Tabby from Dark Blue Rising by Teri Terry or Feodora from The Wolf Wilder by Katharine Rundell.

I don’t think either of them are really likely to be part of the popular clique, but of the two, Tabby would do a better job. She at least has some people skills, whereas Feodora is much more comfortable with wolves.

10. The day has arrived: you’re finally a year older. Who would have the nerve to forget your birthday?

Bryce Quinlan from Crescent City by Sarah J Maas or Merry from The Witch’s Kiss by Katharine and Elizabeth Corr.

Bryce is fiercely loyal to her friends and she doesn’t seem to forget any important details about them, whereas Merry has a lot on her mind, so I think Merry is the more likely to forget. But, for the record, I would not be that excited about being a year older.

11. You’ve just found an upcoming booktube star? Who would it most likely be?

Aribella from The Mask of Aribella by Anna Hoghton or Storm from Storm Witch by Ellen Renner.

I honestly don’t see either of them becoming booktube stars. But if forced to pick, I guess I’d say Aribella because Storm is way too wrapped up in her island magic drama.

12. Sleepover time! Unfortunately you can only invite one person, who would you invite?

Lacey from Jinxed by Amy McCulloch or Sally Jones from The Murderer’s Ape by Jakob Wegelius.

A little known fact about me: I hate sleepovers. I don’t mind an overnight in a hotel with my pals but traditional sleepovers are a hard no thanks from me. So, I’d pick Sally Jones. She’s quiet and I reckon she’d be up for some quiet reading, a bit of food and sleep.

13. Bam, you’re pregnant. Who’s the father / mother?

Faith from The Lost and the Found by Cat Clarke or Grey from A Heart so Fierce and Broken by Brigid Kemmerer.

Grey. Of course it’s Grey.

14. You’ve just written a super-important text. Who would ‘see’ it but not reply?

Marianne from Venom by Bex Hogan or Sarai from Muse of Nightmares by Laini Taylor.

Both have a lot going on and probably aren’t checking their phones on a regular basis, but I think Sarai would have a harder job of replying being as she’s dead.

15. You’ve just woken up and it’s time for breakfast. Your mum’s been replaced by … who?

Lei from Girls of Paper and Fire by Natasha Ngan or Daisy Jones from Daisy Jones and the Six by Taylor Jenkins Reid.

I think Daisy. Lei is dealing with some business and dragging a kid along with her would not be ideal. That said, I’m old enough to be Lei’s mother or Daisy’s sister.

Have you done this tag? If you want to do it, consider yourself tagged. I’d love to see your answers!

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