A Bookish June

June was definitely not the greatest month in a lot of ways, I took a bit of a break from blogging (hopefully I am back with it now), and I definitely didn’t read as much as usual. Five of the books on the list below I read at the end of May, after my wrap up, when I was off work enjoying the sunshine.

June was also the month I injured my calves and had to take a break and slow down on running, which really annoyed me, but I’m slowly getting back to it, even if I do have to go more slowly than the official programme.

Life-wise nothing much has really happened; we are all still working at home, S is at home now until September, and we’re all staying home as much as we can or doing walks etc locally. On a more positive note, my sister found out that she can have her wedding next month. Fewer guests and just a socially distanced church ceremony, but it’s something to look forward to

I did just about make it through the TBR that Kelly chose for me. Earlier this month, I predicted star ratings for this month’s TBR, and I’ve included how I got on in my wrap up below. Spoiler: I got most of them wrong. For completion’s sake, I’ll confess I DNF If Birds Fly Back by Carlie Sorosiak. I didn’t hate it, but I couldn’t get on with the care home setting for personal reasons.

reading stats

Books Read: 13

Pages Read: TBC

Star Ratings:

Five Stars

  • Tunnel of Bones by Victoria Schwab: I loved this even more than the first one. It was so dark and creepy! Loved the Paris setting and the development of the characters in this one. I’m really looking forward to more in this series. I predicted 4* for this, but ended up loving it more than book one.
  • The Highland Falcon Thief by M.G. Leonard: I absolutely loved this. A brilliant train mystery with an awesome cast of characters. I’m really looking forward to reading more in this series. I predicted this would be a 3*. I could not have been more wrong. I loved it.
  • Good Girl, Bad Blood by Holly Jackson: I loved this sequel and being back with Pip and Ravi. Another brilliant mystery to solve and it kept me guessing until the end. This was the only one of the predictions I got right!
  • Pet by Akwaeke Emezi: An important, emotional and stunning read. I didn’t want it to end, and it’s one I will be thinking about for a long time.
  • Read with Pride by Lucy Powrie: I really enjoyed being back with The Paper and Hearts Society. I absolutely loved everything about this book.
  • Open Season: Legalized Genocide of Coloured People by Ben Crump: A really important and informative read about the systematic racism and killing of Black people in America.
  • The Black Flamingo by Dean Atta: Everything about this book is wonderful. It swallowed me up and I didn’t want it to end. Just brilliant!

Four Stars

  • The Girl With Space in her Heart by Lara Williamson: This is such a lovely story about space and family. It was really emotional and I was very invested it in. Just brilliant! I predicted this would be 3*, but it was much better than I expected.
  • The Truth About Keeping Secrets by Savannah Brown: I loved the premise of this book, the characters were great and I loved the way it explored grief. I struggled with the slow pace at the start of the book but flew through the last few chapters. I predicted this at 5* but it just didn’t get there for me.
  • The House of One Hundred Clocks by A.M. Howell: Brilliant historical middle grade with a great mystery and a wonderful cast of characters. I thoroughly enjoyed this one.
  • Truth or Dare by Non Pratt: This is a brilliant, emotional story with a lot of important messages. I read it in two sittings and my only disappointment is that I didn’t read it sooner!

Three Stars

  • Two Dark Reigns by Kendare Blake: I struggled to get into this third book, but what an ending! I loved the developments in this story and after that ending, I am desperate to see how the series ends. I predicted that this would be a 4* read. It was still good, but I definitely didn’t love it as much as the first two.
  • Last Lesson by James Goodhand: This was a definite page-turner. It was a difficult read tackling on some difficult issues like bullying, toxic masculinity and mental health. I had some issues with the way it ended, but it was a thrilling ride.

challenge updates
Goodreads: 80/ 175. This puts me 5 books behind schedule, and I think that’s a pretty fair reflection of how my reading has been going lately to be honest.

Conquering Mount Ted: I now have 163 books. Clearly not shopping in actual book shops didn’t stop me from dramatically increasing my TBR this month. That said, I have now done all my pre-orders until September and I don’t plan to add anything else.

Steph’s Books: I have read one of Steph’s books since this last update, so that’s something!

This month I took part in two readathons: S’s Star Wars Readathon and the 48 hour Queer Blackathon.

  • Star Wars Readathon: for this, I read to become a Jedi Knight. I didn’t stick to my TBR, but I did complete the prompts. My book with a blue cover was The Girl with Space in Her Heart by Lara Willamson; my book set in a magical world was Two Dark Reigns by Kendare Blake, and my book with siblings in was Good Girl, Bad Blood by Holly Jackson.
  • Queer Blackathon: This readathon was hosted by Jesse (@bowtiesandbooks), Myonna (@myonnareads), Francina (@francinasimone), and Lauryn (@thenovellush) and involved reading black LGBTQ+ books for 48 hours on Juneteenth. I read two books: Pet by Akwaeke Emezi and The Black Flamingo by Dean Atta.
Copy of Coffee and.... (3)

The July books I am excited for and have on pre-order are:

  • You Should See Me in a Crown by Leah Johnson
  • Agnes at the End of the World by Kelly McWilliams
  • Loveless by Alice Oseman

How was your June? What books are you looking forward to in July?

4 thoughts on “A Bookish June

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  1. Lots of your 4 and 5*s here I loved too, I’m especially glad you loved Highland Falcon Thief and Pet!
    Sorry I never got off the ground with S’s Star Wars challenge, I’ve got bavk into a reading swing now but the start of the month was all over the place! Hope he’s enjoyed it and I’ll definitely try to join in if he does another!
    Hope July is better for you 😊

    Liked by 1 person

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