Six for Sunday: Tropes you Hate

Six for Sunday (a weekly book prompt from the lovely Steph) is back on the Trope Train. This week we’re doing tropes we hate. Here are six of mine:

1. Instant Love. Nope. I’m not buying it. I rarely find it believable. It’s not for me. Next.

2. Mental Illness is magically cured by falling in love. This is just NOPE. It doesn’t work like that.

3. Boy enters book. Boy saves girl. I’m so over the men rushing in to save the women from things. It is not my jam.

4. Miscommunication. Just. Talk. To. Each. Other. FFS.

5. Justifying crappy behaviour with past trauma. No. Having been through something traumatic does not excuse you being an arse to other people.

6. Mental illness as a plot twist. Just no. Having a mental illness isn’t a plot twist. It really isn’t.

And there’s my 6 top hated tropes. Which tropes would make your list?

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