The One Tree Hill Book Tag

It’s ThursTag, and today I’m doing the One Tree Hill book tag, which I saw over on Amy’s blog

1. Nathan Scott. A talented basketball player, name a character with a talent you want.

Aribella from The Mask of Aribella by Anna Hoghton because she has magic, and particularly the ability to make flames out of her fingers.

2. Lucas Scott. He’s loved Peyton forever, name one of your first fictional crushes.

Gaia from the series Fearless by Francine Pascal. I both wanted to be Gaia and loved her.

3. Haley James. She’s the classic good girl, name a fierce character with a good side.

Olivia from Read with Pride by Lucy Powrie she is definitely a good girl, always doing what’s expected of her, but she is very fierce about the people and things that matter to her.

4. Peyton Sawyer. She had so much heartbreak, name an emotionally strong character.

Sorrow from State of Sorrow by Melinda Salisbury. That poor girl goes through A Lot. She’s definitely strong and she’s strong by developing her female attributes, which makes her doubly awesome.

5. Brooke Davis. From the drunk high school cheerleader to successful business woman, name a character with the best character development.

Marianne from Viper by Bex Hogan. She’s had some amazing character development in the two books so far, and I cannot wait to see how she continues in Vulture.

6. Mouth McFadden. He was a side character turned main character, name your favourite side character.

Grey from A Curse so Dark and Lonely by Brigid Kemmerer. Grey is the best character and I loved that he got a bigger part in the sequel.

7. Julian Baker. Film producer, so name your favourite adaption.

Good Omens by Neil Gaiman and Terry Pratchett. The TV adaptation for this is marvellous. David Tennant and Michael Sheen could not be more perfect.

8. Clay Evans. He does everything to protect Nathan and his career, name your favourite male character.

Obel from Ink by Alice Broadway. I love Obel. He is wonderful, smart, brave, and a tattoo artist. What’s not to love?

9. Quinn James. Strong, gorgeous and a fantastic photographer, name your favourite female character.

Suzanne from Beautiful Broken Things and Fierce Fragile Hearts by Sara Barnard. I love her with everything I have.

10. Dan Scott. An awful man who gets some redemption in the end, name a character in the same circumstances.

I don’t believe Dan does get any redemption in the end. He does some things that are not vile, but I don’t believe that redeems him. I’m not known for my tolerance of evil men. So I’m going to say Coriolanus Snow in A Ballad of Songbirds and Snakes by Suzanne Collins. No spoilers, I just hate him.

11. Tree Hill, North Carolina. Name a fictional place you would like to visit.

All of the worlds. Thank you. Anywhere with magic and limited danger. Oh! The Strangeworlds Travel Agency by L.D.Lapinski because then I can use the suitcases to visit all the wonderful worlds.

Are you a One Tree Hill fan? Which fictional world would you choose to visit?


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