Coffee and… A Happy July

It’s been a while since I shared one of these. Honestly, they’re getting harder to do every month at the moment, but join me in a coffee whilst I reflect on some happy things from July so far?

The Coffee:

Today’s coffee is the Burundi Cafex from Clifton Coffee Roasters, with tasting notes of strawberry, custard and raspberry.

Happy Things:

July has been a quiet little month here, but there have been a few things to be happy and grateful for:

Going back to part time hours and having time to read, clean and do the little things I’ve not had time for since January! S being ridiculously excited to have a McDonalds for the first time since before lockdown. Animal Crossing and the new swimming update. Messages from my pal-o. Managing to get back to running, even if it is slowly. Chocolate! Naps! Pupper cuddles. Good books. Freshly baked cookies. Having a headache free afternoon for the first time in weeks. Brownies. S getting a good school report. Quick work days. Coffee! My baby sister getting to have her wedding. Ice cream. Fresh bedding. Counting down to a week off work.

What things have been making you happy in July?

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