Coffee and… August’s Bullet Journal

It’s a new month and I have a new set of bullet journal spreads. Join me for a coffee?

The Coffee:

This week’s coffee is Hannah Asrat, an Ethiopian coffee from Square Mile Roasters with tasting notes of apricot and bergamot.

The Journal:

This month’s journal went a little better than last months. I went for a sort-of summer theme of a boat on the sea with a sunset. The sea and the sunset were in geometric shapes and different colours. It was quite fun to set up, but like a lot of my work, did not turn out as expected.

First up is my title page and month at a glance calendar. This is the first time I’ve had my title page on the left and I quite like how this turned out. Although life is a bit less restricted at the moment, I still don’t have a lot going on, so I’ve stuck to having a one page calendar, and that’s still working well for me.

Next is my to do spread. I haven’t done a brain dump page this month because I haven’t really been using it. So on that double page, I also have this month’s habit tracker. I’ve used the same format as I did last month as I really liked how that worked for me. #

I’ve changed my Reading page slightly this month as I’m involved in Series Crackdown Readathon, so one of my pages is devoted to that. It doesn’t have a lot on it as it will fill up as I go with the books I’m reading and other bits and pieces. The other Reading page is my staple with my TBR for this month and a shelf to add any additional books I read.

Lastly this month is my happy things page, which is fairly simple again. I am hoping this will fill up nicely as we are off for two weeks over the course of this month!

And that’s me done for another month. Doing the spreads and these posts is beginning to feel a bit like groundhog day, so if you have ideas for livening them up, let me know. And maybe let me know if you still like seeing these posts?

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