Books with the Boy: Dragon Mountain by Katie and Kevin Tsang

Hello everyone. Today me and mum are doing a joint review together of Dragon Mountain by Katie and Kevin Tsang. We got to read an early copy of this book from mum’s Netgalley and I stole her kindle so I could read it first.


S’s Review

Dragon Mountain is a book about some kids who go to a camp and met dragons and travel into a dragon world to stop an evil dragon known as the dragon of death. The reason why I was super excited for it because it was a new book for my favourite authors Katie and Kevin Tsang who also wrote the Sam Wu books. This is part one in a new series and it was a little bit scary, but I am looking forward to part two because I think it would be really good at the end. I really liked Dragon Mountain because it was filled with lots and lots of action. I really liked the final battle at the red Dome and also it was pretty violent. I really liked the world that it was in how it was filled with the loads of healthy things like trees, oxygen, grass,water and peach’s. It just feels like a really healthy world. And it also has dragons and magic. Tank was my favourite dragon because he is my favourite colour. I really liked reading about how the kids started to work together and put aside their differences. I would recommend it for people my sort of age who like dragons because dragons are life in this book, and if you like dragons and adventures you will love this. I give this book 1 million trillion and 12 stars out of 10.

Mum’s Review

S was the most excited for this book. If you’re new to reading our posts, you should know that S is a total fangirl for Katie and Kevin’s work; his Sam Wu obsession knows no bounds. The moment we heard about this book, we pre-ordered. This was S’s first pre-order of a book (usually we go to our local Waterstones on release day to get them, but Covid happened). The poor kid was baffled that pre-ordering didn’t mean you got the book any earlier, so when I was approved to read it on Netgalley, he was so excited. This book is definitely a bit darker and scarier than the Sam Wu books, but we both loved it.

The children in it are hilarious, and as S said, it is great watching them go from competing and bickering, to learning to work together. I did not enjoy S comparing me to the Charlotte in this book and saying we are both bossy though! I loved the dragons (who doesn’t love a dragon), but my favourite was Spark because I loved Spark’s hoard the most. I loved the bond between the dragons and the extra powers it gave to the children to help them. Would definitely sell what’s left of my soul to bond with a dragon (purple please, ideally with a hoard of books). Dragon Mountain is filled with magic and wonder, and people doing the right thing in impossible circumstances. It’s an adventure that had me hooked all the way through, and very worried at the end! I cannot wait to read book two. After S has finished with it, of course.

Thanks for reading our review and I hope that you will all get and read Dragon Mountain and tell me if you enjoyed it as much as we did


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  1. I’m definitely intrigued by this one. What sort of age do you think it’s aimed at, broadly, – older than Sam Wu I’m guessing?
    I was thinking of S on Saturday when I recommended Sam Wu in work!

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