ThursTag: The Racing to Read Tag

Apparently this tag was part of Reading Rush, but I was not involved in that, and like all my tags, I pinched this from Steph because I liked the prompts.

Warm Up: A book that stretches your mind.

Anything non-fiction, especially when it’s expanding my knowledge of a subject. Most recently I have read Open Season: Legalized Genocide of Colored People by Benjamin Crump, and So You Want To Talk About Race by Ijeoma Oluo, which are both brilliant books on the topics of race and racial injustice.

Start Line: What’s a book that you started but never finished?

Confession time: I am a serial DNFer. I am not precious at all about putting down books I am not enjoying for whatever reason. The most recent book I DNF was Yes, No, Maybe So by Becky Albertalli and Aisha Saeed. Don’t come at me, it was just too cute for me and I just didn’t enjoy the focus on the elections. This is one I have kept to consider returning to when / if my red hot fury at the current state of politics passes.

Sprint: A book you read really quickly?

Run, Rebel by Manjeet Mann. It is a verse novel, and they’re always quite quick reads for me, but this one hits a point where you just cannot put it down because it is so gripping.

Marathon: What’s your favourite long book?

I had no idea for this one, so I consulted Goodreads, which told me that the longest book I’ve rated 5 stars on my list is Queen of Air and Darkness by Cassandra Clare. This checks out, I love the series and this is one of my favourites from it.

Hurdles: What’s a book that had ups and downs?

Emotionally? Most recently Afterlove by Tanya Byrne. That book was an absolute roller-coaster of emotional highs and lows. Tanya is a phenomenal writer and this book turned my heart into a yo-yo.

Finish Line: A book you were proud to finish?

This is a really strange question. I don’t know that pride is a feeling I often associate with reading a book, not since I was learning to read. But I guess if I have to choose one, I’m going back to Starfish by Akemi Dawn Bowman, because that was a really tough personal read for me.

Gold Medal: Best book you’ve read during a readathon?

When I did the OWLs Readathon back in April, I read Venom by Bex Hogan. If you’ve not read it yet, you need to. This is definitely the best book I have read for a readathon.

Participation Ribbon: An underrated book you wish got more attention?

A Line in the Dark by Malinda Lo. I’ve not seen anyone else talk about this book, and it blew me away. I loved it. It’s so dark and so twisted and a brilliant story. If you’ve not read it yet and you love a high school thriller, please pick it up!

Have you done this tag? What book do you wish got more attention?


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