Six for Sunday: Brave Characters

Happy Sunday! Today's prompt from our Queen of Sundays, Steph (A Little But A Lot) is brave characters. For me, brave characters are the ones who go through awful things but keep going. They don't have to be on big, bold adventures (although sometimes they are), sometimes it's just the bravery of keeping going and... Continue Reading →

Coffee and … September’s Bullet Journal

Happy Wednesday! Today I'm sharing this month's Bullet Journal spreads. Join me in a coffee? The Coffee: This week I am drinking a coffee from Pact roasters. The San Joaquin from El Salvador has tasting notes of red and black wine gums. The Journal: This month's journal is still a really simple set of spreads... Continue Reading →

Six for Sunday: Clever Characters

Happy Sunday! It's a new month and a new theme on #SixforSunday: characters! Today we're looking at clever characters. Here are my six: 1. Kelly from the DI Kelly Porter books by Rachel Lynch. She's a detective, so in some ways she needs to be clever, but she always surprises me with the little bits... Continue Reading →

ThursTag: The Back to School Book Tag

Yes, I have stolen another tag from Steph. As yesterday was S's first day back to school since lockdown, it seemed an appropriate tag to post. English – name your favourite author’s (or book’s) writing style. I don't know how to answer this, so here are ten of my favourite authors in no order whatsoever:... Continue Reading →

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