Books with the Boy: Captain Whiskers by Jeremy Strong

Hello everyone and today me and mummy are doing a review of Captain Whiskers by Jeremy Strong. This was sent to us by Barrington Stoke for us to write a review.

About the Book

Cats in the bath. Cats in the cupboards. A hundred cats everywhere! Everyone in Jack’s class has a pet, but all Jack has is his little brother Freddie. And little brothers don’t make very good pets. But when Jack meets The Man With The Top Hat and his lovely cat Mrs Wilson, he’s about to get the pet he’s always wanted – and many, many more … A furry, funny and very cute Little Gem that’s full of heart from King of Comedy Jeremy Strong!

S’s Review

Captain Whiskers was about a boy named Jackson who didn’t have any pets at all, no cat, no dog, no hamster, no anything, except for his mum and dad and his little brother Freddy. Then when he was walking to school he saw a man with a top hat who gave him a hundred and one cats when he was supposed to give him one hundred. Captain Whiskers is the name of the extra cat he wasn’t meant to get. I loved it and that it was all about pets and I really liked how it has illustrations too, like little pictures here and there. My favourite illustration was one where everybody had a cat face. It was really funny except the bit where Jackson didn’t have any pets, that was pretty sad. I liked how his dad is a lot like my dad, like he is always super grumpy. My favourite character has to be Captain Whiskers because I like how he was a special cat because he was the one the man in the top hat never meant to give away, and he was the one they got to keep after dad kicked all the other ones out. I would give this book 1020 stars out of 10.

Mum’s Review:

Dear Mr Man in a Top Hat,

Please do not send my child home with a hundred and one cats.

Kind Regards,

S’s Mum.

Can you imagine that many cats? I would die. Figuratively (because there is definitely no room in my house for that many cats), and literally (because allergies). I really enjoyed this book. S and I have enjoyed Jeremy’s earlier books and we snapped up the chance to read this one because they are always hilarious. I cackled a lot at the police being too busy to help because someone had stolen their boss’s lunch! Like Jeremy’s other books, this one has a serious message at heart about making friends and finding ways to overcome your nerves and talk to other children, which came at a great time as a nervous S prepares to go back to school tomorrow. I also want to add a comment about the illustrations because they are fantastic. The cats on the end papers made me laugh a lot, and I really loved the one of Captain Whiskers giving gooey eyes to grumpy Dad so that he could stay. We thoroughly enjoyed this one and it’s a big hit with S who has already hidden it upstairs to read to himself at bed time. Definitely recommended to anyone who likes cats and funny books!

Have you read this book? Do you think you would like to own one hundred and one cats?

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