Coffee and … September’s Bullet Journal

Happy Wednesday! Today I’m sharing this month’s Bullet Journal spreads. Join me in a coffee?

The Coffee:

This week I am drinking a coffee from Pact roasters. The San Joaquin from El Salvador has tasting notes of red and black wine gums.

The Journal:

This month’s journal is still a really simple set of spreads because I don’t need a lot at the moment, but I had a lot of fun doing the art work for this. It was inspired by a forest walk we went on in late August.

First is my month title page and calendar. I love having these on a double spread together. This page has nettles in watercolour. The little spots of pink you can see are paint flicks on the page just to give a bit of something extra.

Next is my To Do and Brain Dump page. I have no idea what this purple flower is called, but I enjoyed it. The Trackers page is a lot more stripped back this month with blackberries along the bottom.

Finally is my Reading page and Happy Things spread. Again, I’ve no idea what this fluffy brown and cream flower is called but I like them.

Have you been keeping a bullet journal? Where do you get inspiration for your spreads?

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