A Bookish September

I blinked and another month is over. I’m late posting this, and it’s not a coffee day. Just go with it okay? 2020 is a lot right now.

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September was a weird month for me. At the start of the month, I smacked myself in the hand with a hammer, cracked the fingertip of my right index finger and wasn’t able to work for two weeks (because apparently it makes typing near impossible).S went back to school and after only a week and a half, made the transition to walking home from school by himself. It left me a bit lost. I like a routine, and the school run has been a huge part of that for the last 5 years, not to mention a time when I got a lot of reading done. It was also a worry with Covid and him adjusting back to being at school after 6 months at home. And as I write this post, we’re just back into a local lockdown with the likelihood of further restrictions to come.

Earlier in the month, I managed to read a lot more books than usual. I started with the list Lucinda chose for me, which was an excellent list. Then, I then set to working my way through proofs and arcs that I’ve been sent. I’m prioritised reading as many of the shorter ones as I could after reading two giant tomes in the early part of the month. Then I had my first asthma attack, which completely wiped me out and I hit a wall where reading didn’t happen. It’s also resulted in less consistent blogging, but I’m filing that under “2020”. I’m trying.

reading stats

Books Read: 20

Pages Read: 6851

Star Ratings:

Five Stars

  • The Invisible Life of Addie LaRue by V.E.Schwab: This book is just phenomenal. I adored Addie and her story. It made me rage and broke my heart; I had all of the emotions. I loved it. This is one of those books I would love to forget so I can experience it again for the first time.
  • Sanctuary by V.V. James: this was a reread by audiobook and I loved it just as much as when I first read it.
  • Sin Eater by Megan Campisi: Absolutely loved this. The practice of sin eating fascinates me and I loved how this was woven into a brilliant historical novel with lots of twists! I never wanted it to end.
  • Kidnap on the California Comet by M.G. Leonard and Sam Sedgman: Another brilliant trains adventure. This one kept me on my toes and the reveal genuinely shocked me. Cannot wait for the next instalment in this series.
  • Clap When You Land by Elizabeth Acevedo: This is a gorgeously written and emotional story. I absolutely loved it.
  • Sam Wu is NOT Afraid of Space by Katie and Kevin Tsang: The last Sam Wu! S and I are sad this is the last in the series, but we absolutely loved it. My favourite of them all!
  • Camp by Lev A.C. Rosen: A brilliant story about a queer summer camp. This book had me on the edge of my seat the whole time. Absolutely loved it.
  • Queen of Coin and Whispers by Helen Corcoran: This book has everything I love: political intrigue, spies, murder, a badass Queen and the most gorgeous f/f relationship. Pick it up, you won’t be disappointed.

Four Stars

  • Nobody Knows But You by Anica Mrose Rissi: I read this in one sitting , desperate to find out what happened. I loved the main character and the way the story was told through letters and news stories. A brilliant read.
  • The Haunting of Aveline Jones by Phil Hickes: This was genuinely scary. I loved the characters and the mystery. So spooky I couldn’t bring myself to read it in the dark. Perfect for anyone wanting to give themselves a scare this autumn.
  • Bitter Edge by Rachel Lynch: Another brilliant book in the DI Kelly Porter series. I really loved the developments in Kelly’s personal life in this book. Looking forward to the next instalment.
  • When Life Gives You Mangoes by Kereen Getten: This was a lush story with a brilliant mystery in it which slowly unravels across the story. The twist made me gasp out loud. Absolutely loved this.
  • Chasing Lucky by Jenn Bennett: I always love Jenn’s books and this was no exception. As always, the romance is brilliant, but it was the family dynamics and the Saint-Martin curse that really made this book for me.
  • Ship of Shadows by Maria Kuzniar: Middle grade pirates. Yes please, I am all here for more of this. I loved this. Packed with adventure, friendship and the importance of found family. I am excited for the sequel.
  • You Should See Me In A Crown by Leah Johnson: This was just so lush! I loved Liz and everything she goes through in her prom journey. I absolutely adored her and Mack. I just loved this book.
  • The Fireman by Joe Hill: This was a bit close to the bone with the backdrop of a global pandemic, but I really enjoyed it. Great characters, great story, and lots of fire!
  • Loveless by Alice Oseman: I’m yet to meet an Alice Oseman book I don’t like. I loved the depiction in this book of going to uni and it not being the big, fun dream you thought it would be. I loved the characters and the LGBTQIA+ rep in this book is brilliant. We need more aro-ace stories in the world.

Three Stars

  • The Raven Boys by Maggie Steifvater: This book was nothing at all like I expected it to be, but I enjoyed it. Will definitely pick up the next in this series.
  • Truth or Dare: Sef’s Deleted Scene by Non Pratt: This is a lush little addition to Truth or Dare from Sef’s point of view. Loved seeing more of his relationship with his brother.
  • Tales from the Cafe by Toshikazu Kawaguchi: Really enjoyed these additional little tales from the cafe. I adore the concept, just sometimes struggled to follow the overarching story that holds the time travel parts together

challenge updates
Goodreads: 119/175. Despite having my best reading month so far this year, I’m still 14 books behind schedule! Doubting I’m going to hit this year’s target, but I’m okay with that.

Conquering Mount Ted: 146. Ha. Whoops. I have acquired a number of books lately. Moving swiftly on.

Steph’s Books: I have read none of Steph’s books this month. I am a bad person.

Copy of Coffee and.... (3)

Well, this month really. Here’s what I’m excited for in October:

  • A Secret of Birds and Bone by Kiran Millwood Hargrave
  • The Invisible Life of Addie La Rue by V.E. Schwab
  • Hollowpox by Jessica Townsend
  • Owl and the Lost Boy by Amy Wilson
  • Dear Justyce by Nic Stone
  • When Life Gives You Mangoes by Kereen Getten
  • Jungledrop by Abi Elphinstone
  • The Castle of Tangled Magic by Sophie Anderson

What books are you looking forward to this month?

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  1. I think 2020 has a lot to answer for! Sounds like a challenging and exhausting month, hope your hand, asthma and this month are better! You have some great reads ahead from those you’ve picked at any rate!


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