Books with the Boy: Sam Wu is NOT Afraid of Space by Katie and Kevin Tsang

Hello everybody and today me and my Mum are reviewing the last Sam Wu book which is called Sam Wu is NOT Afraid of Space.

  • Mum Note: S isn’t good at avoiding spoilers in his reviews, so if you want to avoid that, give his review a miss!

My Review:

Sam Wu is NOT Afraid of Space is about Sam Wu and his friends Zoe and Bernard and Ralph and Regina and they all go to space camp. There’s this mean older boy called Felix and he’s sad his team (team red) might not win so tries to sabotage the other team. I was excited for this one because it was by my favourite authors and I really like the series. I was happy when I finished this book because it was a brilliant book and that’s how I felt every time I finished each book and the reason why I was sad is because I won’t be able to read any more Sam Wu books now. This series is my favourite because it’s just really funny how they think it’s somebody like really scary but it just ends up being somebody like harmless like Sam’s pet snake Fang or something like that. I really liked how Sam’s team, team blue won and how they didn’t win with all the actual missions but over all the entire space competition they won. Sam Wu is still my favourite character because he is the main character and I really like how he leads and helps the others even though he is very scared himself. What was special super special about this Sam Wu book is that I’m in the acknowledgements and that’s in every single book that’s been printed for this Sam Wu. It is so cool. Now that I’ve read every single Sam Wu my favourites are Zombies and Space but I really love them all. I would give this Sam Wu book 17 million and 3 stars out of 5.

Mum’s Review

S and I have loved reading the Sam Wu books together. This is the first series that S and I have read and it’s been wonderful watching his love for a series and characters grow, and him be excited for the next book to come out. Katie and Kevin are firm favourites in our house and we are excited for whatever comes next, but a little sad to say goodbye to the Sam Wu books. I really loved that Sam finally got to go to Space Camp in this book. It was great to see him so confident and excited about something, and able to share something he loves so much with the people around him. I also loved the messages of inclusion and working together. The tasks the children had to complete gave each member of the group a chance to shine and it was lovely to see them take turns and play to their strengths. We love these characters and their stories so much – if you haven’t read them yet, you absolutely must!

Have you read the Sam Wu books yet? If you have, let us know your favourite in the comments.

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