Coffee and … Happy Things

As with everything, I haven’t shared a happy things post in a while. There’s been a lot to be miserable about lately, so I thought it was a good time to do one of these lists. Join me in a coffee?

The Coffee:

This week, we’ve been drinking another from our faves over at Steampunk. The Columbian Juanambu Buesaco Narino has tasting notes of plum, apple, honey and dark chocolate. When I manage to brew it well, the plum notes really shine through.

The Happy Things:

Getting discharged from physio so I can start trying to run again soon. Virtual coffee cupping session from our fave roasters. Quieter days at work. Animal Crossing halloween update. Cardigans. Scarves. Coffee. Hot Ribena. Friends getting great news. Electric blanket. Finding my favourite childhood audiobook online. The Book Bitchezzz. Steph sending me hilarious and accurate Capricorn memes. Afternoon naps. Rewatching Bones. Watching some great films whilst being poorly (Midsommar was a highlight). Decorating the house for Witchmas. Autumn Vibes. A new witchy book to read. New Headspace sleepcasts. Catching up on this year’s Masterchef. Having a good chat with Nana. Hotel Chocolat caramel and peanut batons. Seeing a friend for the first time since March (even if it was only smiling through a perspex screen). Puppy cuddles. Baking. Reading.

What things are helping you get through this ridiculous year? What happy things are you finding? I’d love to hear about them.

13 thoughts on “Coffee and … Happy Things

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  1. That’s a wonderful post, happy things must be listed and celebrated in times like now — they do still exist.
    I sadly didn’t felt the spooky season this year, nor read/watch any horror this year, but omg yess the animal crossing update!! I loved the pumpkin patches so much.. hell I still have mines 😂

    I’m not sure about the plum side of the taste.. but that coffee sounds quite good!

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