Coffee and… November’s Bullet Journal

It’s Wednesday, and this week has been a long decade. Today, I’m sharing this month’s Bullet Journal spreads. Join me in a coffee?

The Coffee:

This week’s coffee is the Rwandan Ruvumbu from Steampunk. I’m pretty sure I’ve featured this coffee before. It has tasting notes of lemon drop and cherry, which really shine through when brewed well. I’ve been really enjoying this one.

The Bullet Journal:

Is anyone else just not feeling journalling this year? I didn’t even start doing the spreads for this until the beginning of November when I realised I had nowhere to write about all the things I’m not doing! This month’s journal is themed with mushrooms and autumny colours – I’m not ready to give in to winter yet.

Like a lot of this year’s spreads, this month’s is short and sweet. I’ve added the calendar on to the month title page; so little is happening in life that a small calendar works fine for me at the moment.

I also don’t have as much to do, so my to-do list and trackers are on the same page this month. I’ve decided I really don’t need to track a lot of things. I might stop tracking habits altogether in future as I’m not sure it’s doing anything useful for me any more, but that could just be a case of 2020 talking.

Then I have my reading page (which has now been populated with the books Cora chose me), and finally my happy things spread, which is the one I am most careful to fill in, because my gods do I need to find reasons to be happy right now.

Do you keep a journal? Has your practice changed much this year?

4 thoughts on “Coffee and… November’s Bullet Journal

Add yours

  1. I keep a book journal (mainly my written version of Goodreads) and a daily journal. Similarly I’ve not been inspired to write in mine lately although I do try to write a little every day.

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  2. I normally reflect on the week- I write down what’s gone well/what hasn’t etc. but I’ve never given bullet journaling a go, but I think I will! x

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