Six for Sunday: Bookish Resolutions for 2021

It’s the first Sunday of a new year, and the lovely Steph is back with a new set of prompts. This month is All About Booooooks, and today we’re looking at reading resolutions for the year. In preparation for today’s post, I posted about how my reading goals for 2020 went, and it’s fair to say that they didn’t go very well, but 2021 is a new year and all that, so here are my resolutions:

1. Make the switch from Goodreads to Storygraph – I feel like everyone in the book community is moving over to Storygraph, and I’m no exception. I trialled it alongside Goodreads for a couple of months earlier in the year, and it’s so much better. I love everything about it. So I’ve set up my profile, added the books on my TBR, and left everything else on Goodreads. I’m going into this year with a fresh start. I’m not going to be using my Goodreads anymore, but I’m not planning to delete it at the moment as it’s been a big part of my reading history.

2. Read 100 books – This is a low goal for me. For the last 4 years I’ve exceeded 150 books every year., and for 7 of the last 8 years I’ve read over 100 books. This was the first year I didn’t achieve my goal on Goodreads (still read 164 though). Usually I set my goal for however many books I read the previous year, but I also started to feel a bit anxious as every time I logged a book the “you’re x books behind” appeared. I want to give myself a break from that and have a goal that’s achievable for me in 2021.

3. Trial not doing star reviews – One of the things I love about Storygraph is that you can review a book without having to give star ratings. I want to try not doing that for a while. I’ve had a weird relationship with star ratings for a while now, and last year I wrote a little about how fickle I am in my star ratings and tried to standardise them using a system called cawpile. It worked better as a system, but my star ratings were still very subjective, and keeping a spreadsheet alongside a blog and Goodreads was just too much. So I’m going to try for a while just reviewing the books and not star rating them (except on retail sites where I absolutely have to in order to share a review).

4. Put less pressure on myself to review every book I read on my blog – This might sound like a bad idea for a book blogger, but I tried to review every single book I read this year and I burnt myself out. Not purely from this, but this was pressure I didn’t need on top of everything else. No-one was pressuring me to do this but myself, and I’m making an effort to put less pressure on myself this year. So, I’m prioritising reviews for ARCs that I am gifted and for books I love and really want to talk about and share with you all here. I’m going to aim to start using Twitter and Instagram more to give some information about every book I read (I did a thread of tiny reviews on Twitter recently, and it went down really well).

5. Read more diversely – I don’t think there’s anyone that didn’t give some thought to the diversity of their bookshelf in 2020. I certainly started paying closer attention to mine, and I want to make sure in 2021 that I am seeking out and reading more diverse books. Not just those that centre pain and trauma, but those that centre joy and feature a range of diverse characters living their best lives. Because diversity and representation in books matters.

6. Reduce my TBR – I say this every year, and it’s always a very vague “reduce the number of books somehow” but this year I have a plan (ish) and some rules. I have already pre-ordered a number of books that I’m super excited for this coming year; I may also get books / vouchers for my birthday (I often do). Those aside, I am imposing some rules on my book buying for the rest of the year: no new books whilst I still have unread ARCs (including Netgalley books), and I have to have read 5 books from my existing TBR before I am allowed to buy any new ones. In an extra attempt to keep me on track, I have joined two challenges on Storygraph: The Unread Shelf Project and Beat the Backlist. I have added 24 books to The Unread Shelf Project and 35 to Beat the Backlist (though I plan to add TBR picks from my backlist to this one each month to keep me accountable for reading those.

Those are my reading resolutions for 2021. Are you setting any reading goals this year?

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  1. This is a great set of goals! I’ve never heard of StoryGraph yet you’re the second post I’ve read in the past 30mins that mentions it so I feel like I must check it out! Happy reading in 2021! ☺️

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